Minutes Tue 18 Dec 1900

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Tue 18 Dec 1900


30 gallon cistern provided for Stonehouse Wharf House to be connected to Chalford mains.
County Surveyor promised 50 loads of rough gravel for Dudbridge Wharf and to roll it in.
Report of Company’s foreman, Hill, accompanying the Reliance. No impediment sufficient to cause actual stoppage. Vessel drawing 5 feet with 67 tons, other vessels carrying 67-70 draw only 4 feet 6 inches. Motive to exaggerate obstacles by crew of Reliance might exist in advantage gained employing extra horse and men. Mr Snape undertook to dredge points indicated by Hill.
Mr Taylor of Wharf House, Eastington, asked permission to erect a shed for trap on Company’s premises.
Due supply of water to Company’s two houses at Downfield discussed. Examination of natural supply. Desirability of connecting with mains of Urban District Council.
Chairman and Mr Mills to arrange easement, 2s 6d, for Company’s property under wing wall at Ebley Bridge from Nailsworth Brewery.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 18^th day of December 1900 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr H H Mills Solicitor, Mr P J Evans, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr W Davies, Mr W J Stanton, Mr E P Little, Mr A B Hooper.
The Clerk reported the connection of the Chalford Water to the Wharf House, Stonehouse, at a cost of £3, to the satisfaction of the Tenant Mr Critchley. The Water Company had required the provision of a cistern, and one of 30 gallons had been utilised, which was in the Company's Stores.
A letter to the Clerk, from the County Surveyor, was read by the Chairman. promising 50 loads of rough gravel for the Dudbridge Wharf, and to roll it in.
The report of the Company's foreman, Hill, of his accompanying the 'Reliance' on her up voyage Dec 10 was read, and showed that in some five places a few loads of mud and gravel needed removal, but that there was no impediment anywhere sufficient to cause actual stoppage. The vessel was drawing 5ft, with 67 tons whereas other vessels carrying 67 to 70 tons draw only 4^ft 6^in. It appeared that a motive to exaggerate obstacles on the part of the crew of the Reliance might exist in advantage gained by them in the employment of extra horse and men thereby. Mr Snape undertook to dredge the points indicated by Hill as early as possible.
Mr Taylor of the Wharf House, Eastington, having asked permission to erect a shed for his trap on the Company's premises, it was left to the Chairman and Mr Snape to examine the spot and arrange it.
The question of a new supply of water to the Company's two houses at Downfield was discussed, and it was arranged for the Chairman and Mr Snape to meet there and examine the extent to which the natural supply is available and the desirability of connecting with the mains of the Urban District Council.
A Parliamentary Notice of a proposed Bill received from the Stroud Gas Light & Coke Coy was referred to the Company's Solicitor, that he might examine whether it had any bearing on the Company's present of prospective interests.
The matter of the consideration (2^s/6^d) for the Easement on the Company's property under the wing wall at Ebley Bridge, due from the Nailsworth Brewery C^oy, was mentioned by the Chairman, and Mr Mills undertook to see to it.
Cheques drawn:
Stroud Hospital: 2..2..0
Dec 24 W J Snape: 37..10..0
Dec 24 W Fredericks: 6..10..0
[Total] £46..2..0

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