Minutes Tue 19 Feb 1901

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Tue 19 Feb 1901


Use of towing path Wallbridge to Framilode stopped 11/12 February. Stoppage effective except for portion near Midland Railway Bridge to swing bridge at Stonehouse. Mr G W Sibly with about a score of his assistant masters and boys of Wycliffe College violently forced his way past Company’s men. Edward Hill pushed into canal, leg broken. Committee, Sir William Marling and Messrs Ball, Little and Mills, given power to institute legal proceedings against Mr Sibly.
Stroud Gas Company permitted to raise towing path opposite their works.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 19^th day of February 1901 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present: Mr H Hamilton Mills Chairman. Mr A B Hooper, Mr E P Little, Mr E P Evans, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr W Davies, Mr W J Stanton.
The Clerk reported that in accordance with the published notice the use of the towing path by the public had been stopped from Wallbridge to Framilode in sections on the undermentioned dates:
Date - Section - Names of men employed.
Feby 11 - Wallbridge - J Powell
Lodgemore - W Bullock
Gas Wks Stroud - A Vines
Dudbridge - F Lawrence
12 - Hilly Orchard Bridge - C Brown
Ebley Mill - A Bassett
Oak Mill Bridge - J Powell
Stanley Meadow - W Bullock
Ryeford Swing Bridge - A Vines
Ryeford Road Bridge - F Lawrence
13 - Ryeford Road Bridge - J Powell, left early on day through illness, his place taken by William Watts.
Nailsworth Line Bridge - A Bassett
Stonehouse Swing Bridge - W Bullock
Stonehouse Cross Bridge - C Brown
Ocean Bridge - A Vines
Bonds Mill Bridge - F Lawrence.
Feby 14 - Roving Bridge - G Gardner
Eastington Bridge - W Bullock
Westfield Bridge - A Vines
Bongough's Land - F Lawrence
15 - Bristol Road Bridge - G Gardner
Walk Bridge - W Bullock
Junction - A Vines
Saul Bridge - F Lawrence
Framilode - R Pockett.
The Clerk further reported that the stoppage had been effective except in the case of the portion of the towing path near the Midland Railway Bridge to the Swing Bridge at Stonehouse. The Company's men employed at this point reported that on the 13^th February inst, the day appointed for the stopping of the towing path, Mr G W Sibly, about a score of his assistant Master and boys of Wycliffe College and violently forced his way past the Company's men, one of the latter - Edward Hill - being pushed into the Canal and his leg being broken. After discussion it was unanimously resolved to leave the matter to a Committee consisting of Sir William Marling & Messrs Ball Little & Mills with power to institute legal proceedings against Mr Sibly, or take such other course as they might deem advisable.
It Was unanimously resolved to give permission to the Stroud Gas Company to raise the towing path opposite their Works, the work to be carried out at their own expense and to the satisfaction of the Clerk.
Cheques drawn:
John Currey: 3..3..0
M B Cannon: 26..17..0
Price Walker & C^o: 22..2..9
[Total] £52..2..9

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