Minutes Tue 19 Mar 1901

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Tue 19 Mar 1901


Solicitor to have conference with counsel, Mr Morton Brown, to bring action in County Court against Mr Sibly for criminal damages for trespass and injunction to restrain him from using towing path when closed to public. Meeting between Mr Morton Brown and Mr Sibly. If Mr Sibly were to sign undertaking not to trespass on towing path in future and pay £5 5s Company would accept and abandon proposed action.
Correspondence with reference to Hill being compensated for accident on 12 February. Hill paid fortnight’s wages since accident. No more wages at present but small sum as a loan if he requested any money before next Committee Meeting.
£50 from Reserve Fund towards cost of small warehouse and stable on Wallbridge Wharf.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 19^th day of March 1901 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present: Mr H Hamilton Mills Chairman, Mr A B Hooper, Mr W Davies, Mr P J Evans, Sir W H Marling Bart.
The Sub-Committee appointed at the last Meeting reported that they had met and decided to instruct the Company's Solicitor to have a conference with Counsel (Mr Morton Brown) and subject to the latter approving the course proposed to bring an Action in the County Court against Mr Sibly for nominal damages for trespass and and injunction to restrain him from using the towing path when closed to the public.
Mr Mills now reported that he had had a conference with Mr Morton Brown who advised that in his opinion the Company had a good cause of action against Mr Sibly that he (Mr Mills) before commencing the Action has written to Mr Sibly who has called at his office and stated that he might be prepared to give an undertaking not to trespass on the towing path in future. It was resolved that if Mr Sibly would sign an undertaking to this effect and pay £5,..5..0 costs to include the expense of advertising the undertaking in the local papers, the Company would accept this and abandon the proposed action for an injunction.
The correspondence with the Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation was read with reference to Hill being compensated for his accident on 13^th February last, and the matter was directed to stand over.
The Clerk reported that he had paid Hill a fortnight's wages since his accident, and he was instructed not to pay him any more wages at present but to advance him a small sum by way of loan if he required any money before the next Committee Meeting.
It was resolved that £50 be withdrawn from the Reserve Fund towards the cost of the small Warehouse and stable recently erected at Wallbridge Wharf and that £3 part of the rent obtained for these premises be paid annually to the Reserve Fund.
The Half-Yearly Meeting of the Company was ordered to be held on the 23^dr April next @ 3,30pm.

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