Minutes Tue 23 Apr 1901

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Tue 23 Apr 1901


Mud removed at several places pointed out by captain of Gas Co’s boat, the Reliance.
New gates for Dudbridge Bottom ready soon.
Mr Sibly willing to sign an apology and not renew the trespass provided apology not published in local papers. Publication of apology insisted on. Mr Sibly to sign apology and undertaking within a week or legal proceedings to be commenced against him.
Letter from Mr Treasurer, solicitor, Gloucester, claiming on behalf of Mr Robert Butler repayment of tolls on canal by reason of his holding a charter as inhabitant and landowner within Manor of Rodley in county of Gloucester. Tolls under special Act of Parliament. Claim not allowed.
Gloucestershire County Council about to take over T&S Canal. Company proposed to make charge of £10 p.a. for use of offices at Wallbridge until canal reopened for traffic.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 23^rd day of April 1901 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present. Mr H Hamilton Mills Chairman, Mr A B Hooper, Mr W J Stanton, Mr W Davies, Sir W H Marling, Mr E P Little.
The various Accounts, Books and Vouchers signed by the Auditor and certified to be correct were produced and passed.
The Treasurers Book was produced examined and signed by the Chairman.
The Clerk reported that mud had been removed at several places pointed out by the Captain of the Gas Company's boat, "The Reliance".
The Clerk also reported that the new gates for Dudbridge Bottom Lock were being proceeded with and would soon be ready for putting in.
Mr Mills reported the further correspondence & interview had had with Mr Sibly, who had expressed his willingness to sign and apology and undertaking not to renew the trespass, provided the apology was not published in the local papers. It was resolved that under the circumstances publication of the apology must be insisted on and that Mr Mills be requested to inform Mr Sibly that unless he signed the apology and undertaking within a week, legal proceedings would be commenced against him
A letter was read from Mr Treasure, Solicitor Gloucester claiming on behalf of M^r Robert Butler repayment of tolls amounting to £1..10..9 on the ground that the latter was exempt from payment of tolls on the canal by reason of holding a Charter as an inhabitant and land holder within the Manor of Rodley in the County of Gloucester. The Solicitor was directed to reply to the letter pointing out that the exemption from Tolls did not apply to a Company charging tolls under a special Act of Parliament and the the claim could not be allowed.
It was resolved that the Clerk be directed to inform the Clerk of the Gloucestershire County Council, who were about to take over the Thames and Severn Canal. that this Company proposed to make a charge of £10 per annum for the use by the Council of the offices at Wallbridge until such time as the Canal was re-opened for traffic when the matter would have to be reconsidered.
Cheques drawn:
H Hamilton Mills Esq: 7..10..0
S J Dudbridge: 2..12..6
[Total] 10..12..6

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