Minutes Tue 17 Sep 1901

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Tue 17 Sep 1901


Gloucestershire County Council to pay £10 for one year for use of Company’s offices and man’s time in making out tickets for Thames and Severn Canal and to pay £1 1s p.a. towards cost of telephone, one half of charge.
New gates at Dudbridge bottom lock put in.
Letters from Postmaster of Stroud, Mr T Steele, and Mr C H Bishop asking permission to ride bicycles on towing path.
Permission given to Mr C L Davis and Miss Cox to wheel bicycles along towing path from Sparrows Nest Cottages to Ryeford Bridge at cost of 1s p.a.
Secretary of Strachan & Co complained of leaks in canal bank between Lodgemoor Mills and Gas Works. Clerk not aware of leaks. To see Mr H C Buckler, one of directors of Strachan & Co.
Edward Hill, lock keeper at Dudbridge, reported that Thomas Davis on 3 September passed boat through lock without opening both gates. Contravention of byelaw. Matter referred to solicitor.
Discontinuance of guarantee by Sharpness New Docks Co and this Company to Gloucester Conservative Benefit Society re mortgage of £4500.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 17^th September 1901 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present: Mr E P Little Chairman, Mr A B Hooper, Mr W J Stanton, Mr F A Little, Mr S S Marling.
Ordered that the next Committee Meeting be held on Tuesday the 22^nd October 1901 ' 3 o'clock pm and the General Half-Yearly Meeting on the same day at 3.30pm.
The Clerk reported that the Gloucestershire County Council had agreed to pay £10 for one year from the 1^st July last for the use of the Company's offices and for the man's time in making out tickets in respect of the Thames and Severn Canal.
The Clerk also reported that the County Council had agreed to pay £31..15..0 per annum towards the cost of a telephone being one-half the charge made by the Telephone Company on this Company agreeing to pay the other half. Payment of £1..15..0 was sanctioned accordingly.
The Clerk also reported that the new gates at Dudbridge Bottom Lock had been put in and other repairs carried out.
[Bicycles on Towing path] Letters were read from the Postmaster of Stroud Mr T Steele and Mr C H Bishop asking for permission to ride bicycles on the towing path, and consideration of the matter was directed to stand over.
[Bicycles on on Towing path] The Clerk reported that he had given permission to Mr C L Davis and Miss Cox to wheel their bicycles along the towing path from Sparrows Nest Cottages to Ryeford Bridge, a charge of 1/- per annum being made in advance. This was approved.
A letter was read from the Secretary of Strachan & C^o Ltd complaining of leaks in the Canal Bank between Lodgemore Mills and the Gasworks. The Clerk stated that there were no such leaks as far as he was aware and hed was directed to see Mr H C Buckler one of the Directors of Strachan & C^o on the matter.
The Clerk stated that Edward Hill lock keeper at Dudbridge reported that Thomas Davis had on the 3^rd inst passed his boat through the Lock without opening both gates in contravention of Bye-Law 14 and that matter was referred to the Solicitor to advise as to a prosecution.
The Company's Seal was affixed to a Memorandum to the Gloucestershire County Council as to the discontinuance of the Guarantee given by the Sharpness New Docks Company and this Company to the Mid Gloucester Conservative Benefit Society with respect to the Mortgage for £4500 by the Thames and Severn Canal Trust.
Cheques drawn:
W J Snape: 37..10..0
W Fredericks: 6..10..0
[Total] 44..0..0

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