Minutes Tue 22 Oct 1901

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Tue 22 Oct 1901


General Half Yearly Meeting. Tonnage since 1 April £760 8s 9d. After wages, etc, profit £504 12s 6d. Dividend of £1 10s declared.

Verbatim text

General Half-Yearly Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 22^nd day of October 1901 @ 3.30pm
Mr H Hamilton Mills Chairman.
It appears that the sum of £763..8..9 has been received from the 1^st day of April 1901 to the 1^st day of October 1901 and a balance brought forward from last Half year (after payment of Dividend) of £144..18..3 making a total of £908..7..0 of which sum £403..14..6 had been applied towards payment of wages disbursements, etc, and there remains in the hands of the Treasurer the sum of £504..12..6 available for Dividend.
Ordered that a Dividend of £1..10..0 on each share be declared payable on the 1^st day of November next free of Income Tax carrying forward a balance of £204..12..6 to next Half-Years Account.
The sum of £531..5..0 in the hands of the Chancery Lane Safe Deposit and Offices C^o Ltd stands to the credit of the Reserve Fund.

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