Minutes Tue 18 Mar 1902

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Tue 18 Mar 1902


Sewage tank at Ryeford not rebuilt. No reply from Mr Kimmins. Mr Hall, Inspector of Nuisances, had matter in hand.
Clerk to give permission to Cainscross & Ebley Cooperative Society to erect notice board on Dudbridge Wharf for 6d p.a.
Clerk to purchase necessary timber for four towing path gates and material for six wheelbarrows.

Verbatim text

[1902 Mar] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 18^th day of Marhc 1902 @ 3 pm
Present: Mr H Hamilton Mills Chairman, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr A B Hooper, Mr P J Evans, Mr W Davies, Mr F A Little, Mr W J Stanton.
The Minutes of the Meeting held on the 18^th day of February were read and confirmed.
[Mr Kimmins Tank] The Clerk reported that the sewage tank at Ryeford had not been rebuilt and no reply had been received from Mr Kimmins. He had however seen Mr Hall the Inspector of Nuisances, who stated that he had the matter in hand and that the tanks would shortly be removed and the nuisance stopped.
[Co-op Socy notice Board] The Clerk was authorised to give permission to the Cainscross & Ebley Co-operative Society to erect a notice board on Dudbridge Wharf on their agreeing to pay and acknowledgement of 6^d a year, if and when demanded, and to remove the board at an time on being called upon to do so.
[Wheel barrows] The Clerk was authorised to purchase the necessary timber for four towing path gates and materials for six wheel barrows.
It was resolved that the next Committee Meeting be held on the 22^nd April and the General Half-Yearly Meeting on the same day at 3.30 pm.
Cheques drawn:
Hill & Son: 3..4..0
W J Snape: 37..10..0
W Fredericks: 6..10..0
[Total] £47..4..0

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