Minutes Tue 22 Apr 1902

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Tue 22 Apr 1902


Vault at Ryeford not yet reinstated. Mr Hall had matter in hand.
Clerk unable to sell osiers at Eastington. To write to Mr J King of Nailsworth and ask if he would purchase them.
Mr G W Sibly and two ladies seen riding bicycles on towpath between Ebley Mill Bridge and Hilly Orchard on 2 April. Clerk to warn persons trespassing and then bring any case before Committee if second offence committed.
Mrs Brunsdon of the Bell Inn found emptying contents of sewage vault into canal. Mr Clissold, Chairman of Nailsworth Brewery C,o stated that penalty would be paid. Fine of 5s.
Recent drowning of girl in the canal at Stonehouse. Swing bridge at Stonehouse Mills left open. Suggestion to Stonehouse Parish. In future lamp which lighted railway crossing and swing bridge to be kept lighted at night throughout whole year instead of six months Oct-April. Rails of bridge painted white. More easily seen.

Verbatim text

[1902 Apl] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 22^nd day of April 1902 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present: Mr H Hamilton Mills Chairman, Mr A B Hooper, Mr A J M Ball, Mr P J Evans, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr W J Stanton, Mr E P Little, Mr W Davies, Mr F A Little.
[Kimmins' Tank] The Clerk reported that the vault at Ryeford had not yet been re-instated but that Mr Kimmins had informed him that Mr Hall had the matter in hand.
[Osiers] The Clerk also reported that he had not been able to sell the osiers at Eastington and he was directed to write to Mr J S King of Nailsworth and ask if he should be willing to purchase them.
[Cycling on T path] The Clerk also reported that Mr G W Sibly & two ladies with him had been seen riding bicycles on the towing path between Ebley Mill Bridge and Hilly Orchard on the 2^nd inst and that he had written to Mr Sibly stating that the matter would be reported to the Committee. It was resolved to take no action in this instance and the Clerk was directed in future to warn persons so trespassing and then to bring any case before the Committee if a second offence was committed.
[Bell Inn Ebley Pollution] The Clerk also reported that Mrs Brunsdon of the Bell Inn Ebley had been found emptying the contents of a sewage vault into the Canal, and that he had served her with a notice which she forwarded to the Nailsworth Brewery C^oy, the owners of the property, and that Mr W G Clissold, Chairman of the Company, had called and stated that if there was any penalty it would be paid. The Clerk was directed to inform Mr Clissold that a fine of 5/- must be paid and that if the offence was repeated the Company would be compelled to require payment of the full penalty provided by the Coampany's Bye-laws.
[Swing Bridge Stonehouse] The recent drowning of a girl in the Canal at Stonehouse through the Swing Bridge at Stonehouse Mill being left open was discussed, and it was resolved to suggest to the Stonehouse Parish Council that in order to prevent similar accidents in future a lamp which lighted the Railway Crossing and Swing Bridge be kept lighted at night throughout the whole year instead of for only six months from October to April as hitherto. It was resolved to have the rails of the Bridge painted white so that they might be more easily seen.
It was resolved to have the annual inspection of the Canal on Tuesday and Wednesday the 13^th and 14^th May.
Cheques drawn:
H Hamilton Mills Esq: 7..10..0
S J Dudbridge & Sons: 2..12..6
W Baxter: 8..4..0
W Collins: 3..4..0
Canal Association: 3..3..0
[Total] £24..13..6

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