Minutes Tue 20 Jan 1903

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Tue 20 Jan 1903


Mr Mortimer suggested owner of Ebley Saw Mills, Mrs Spring, might be asked to provide for abatement of nuisance.
Deposit of silt in canal at Ryeford. Mr Kimmins to raise sill of doorway by which rush of water down Mr Price’s drive finds access to Mr Kimmins’ garden, carrying silt into canal.
Mr H C Jones found weighbridge at Dudbridge inaccurate. Summons issued against Company. Fault partial. Machine seen by makers within six months.
Mr E N Witchell, on behalf of promoters of Stroud Electric Lighting Scheme, suggested variation of route for cable coming down Gas House Lane, under canal at bridge, along towing path near Gas Works. Towing path narrow, piled, and unstable here. Company cannot agree to route.
Dr Steedman gave notice to terminate occupation of Dudbridge stable.
Traffic in canal uninterrupted by ice.
£150 annual contribution to T&S Canal deficit.

Verbatim text

[1903 Jany] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 20^th day of January 1903 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr A B Hooper, Mr W Davies, Mr S S Marling, Sir W H Marling Bart
In attendance Mr F S Whittingham - Solicitor.
[Nuisance Ebley Saw Mills] With further reference to the nuisance at Ebley Saw Mills, a letter was read from Mr Mortimer suggesting that the owner (Mrs Spring) might be asked to provide for its abatement.
[Ryeford Silt] The deposit of silt in the Canal at Ryeford was again mentioned, with a verbal suggestion by Mr Price as to a catch-pit. On the suggestion of Mr Snape it was decided first to ask Mr Kimmins to raise the sill of the doorway, by which the rush of water down Mr Price's drive now finds access to Mr Kimmins garden, carrying through it the silt into the Canal.
[Dudbridge weigh bridge Summons] It was reported to the Committee by the Clerk that following a visit by the Inspector of Weights & Measures, Mr A C Jones, who had found the Weighbridge at Dudbridge inaccurate, a Summons had been by him issued against the Company, without prior invitation to correct it. As the fault proved to be only partial, and the machine had been within six months seen by the makers, the Solicitors of the Company were requested to attend before the magistrates at the hearing of the case.
[Stroud Electric Lighting] A communication from Mr E N Witchell on behalf of the promoters of the Stroud Electric Lighting Scheme, suggested a variation of the route for laying the cable, coming down Gad House Lane, under the Canal at the bridge, and along the towing path next the Gas Works. As at this point the towing path is at its narrowest, only about 4½ ft (under which the 19½^in Gas main is laid) and is further next the Canal, piled and very unstable, the Solicitor was requested to reply that the Company could not see its way to agree to this section of the proposed route.
It was also noted that in any proposal to cross this length of the Canal, great care must be exercised in view of the precarious condition of the Lodgemore Culvert.
The Clerk reported:-
[D^r Steedman (Dudbridge)] 1 Than D^r Steedman had given the necessary notice to terminate his occupation of the Dudbridge Stable. The Clerk expected shortly to get a tenant for the Stable entire.
[SDC £48..19..3] 2 That the Cheque payable by the District Council £48..19..3 on account of stoppage of Canal, had not yet reached him. Mr Winterbotham (the Clerk) had that day promised early attention to it.
[S&C Tramway Bill] 3 That the Notices of formal 'dissent' in the matter of the Stroud & Cheltenham Tramways Bill ordered at last meeting were duly lodged December 16.
[Ice-breaking] 4 That he had succeeded in keeping the traffic in the Canal uninterrupted by the ice, at a very modest cost.
[Tonnage to date] 5 The tonnages to date were fully up to the mark of recent years.
The Chairman signed Cheque for the £150 annual contribution to the Thames and Severn Canal Deficit in response to a demand received from the County Council.
Cheques drawn:
Gloucestershire County Council "Thames and Severn Canal": 150..0..0
S B Park: 4..11..0
[Total] £154..11..0

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