Minutes Tue 17 Feb 1903

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Tue 17 Feb 1903


Summons served on Company for inaccurate weighing machine at Dudbridge. Nominal fine 5s 6d and costs. 5s for restamping by inspector. £2 3s 3d to Messrs Bartlett for readjusting. Charge of 5s by Gas Company for use of test weights.
Proposal by Stroud Urban District Council to cross canal at right angle with proposed cable, at point between western boundary of Gas Works and Foundry Lock well below towing path and gas mains laid there, with protection of canal and works, approved.
Additional provision for a stank to safeguard level of Lodgemore pound.
£48 19s 3d due last year from Stroud Rural District Council for stoppage of canal unpaid.
Mr Kimmins verbally promised to have sill placed at doorway of his garden at Ryeford to prevent surface water coming down Mr Price’s road.
Mr Jackson had taken 51 bundles of witheys, cut by himself, at 9d per bundle.
Mr Halling of Deerhurst had brought up trial barge load of stone for Mr Haynes.
‘California pump’ belonging to Company worn out mainly in its use on Thames & Severn Canal. Hire charge suggested of 20s contribution towards reinstatement. Approved.

Verbatim text

[1903 Feb] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 17^th day of February 1903 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr A B Hooper, Mr H Hamilton Mills, Mr P J Evans, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr F A Little, Mr W J Stanton, Mr W Davies
Mr Whittingham, Solicitor, in attendance.
[Nuisance Ebley Saw Mills] No definite reply having been received as to the nuisance at the Ebley Saw Mills, the Chairman was requested to see Mr Mortimer respecting it.
[Dudbridge Weigh Bridge] The Chairman reported the result of the summons served on the Company for the inaccurate weighing machine at Dudbridge, viz: a nominal fine of 5^s/6^d & costs. The charge of 5^s/- for restamping by the Inspector - and the A/c of Messrs Bartlett for readjusting (£2..3..3) were ordered to be paid. The charge of the Gas Company of 5^s/- for use of their test weights was left in the hands of Sir W H Marling to mention at their Meeting which he left to attend.
[SUDC Electric Lighting Bill] The Chairman reported negociations with the Stroud Urban District Council since the last Meeting of the Committee as to the crossing of the Canal by their proposed cable for 'Electric Lighting'. He read the final arrangement, to cross the canal at right angles, at a point between the Western boundary of the Gas Works and the Foundry Lock well below the towing path and the Gas Mains laid there - under due conditions for protection of the Canal & Works - and submitted for consideration of the Committee a clause prepared by the Company's Solicitor for insertion in the 'Provisional Order' - which was duly approved, with the addition of a provision for a 'stank' to safeguard the level of the Lodgemore pound.
[RDC £48..19..3] The Stroud Rural District Council not having paid the £48..19..3 due last year for stoppage of the Canal the Chairman had written to the Clerk of the Council, and it remaining yet unpaid, the Committee directed the Clerk to write desiring it should not fail to be paid at the meeting of the Council on the 20^th inst.
The following items were reported to the Committee by the Clerk:-
[1 Ryeford Silt] 1 Mr Kimmins had verbally promised to have a sill placed at the doorway of his garden at Ryeford, to prevent the passage there of surface water coming down Mr Price's road.
[2 Witheys] 2 Mr Jackson had taken 31 Bundles of Witheys cut by himself @ 6^d per Bundle and 20 Bundles cut by the Company @ 9^d per Bundle.
[3 Stone (Mr Halling)] 3 Mr Halling of Deerhurst had brought up a trial barge load of Stone for Mr Haynes, who proposes if satisfactory to have a barge quantity for his Council.
[4 'California' Pump] 4 The 'California' Pump belonging to the Company having been worn out mainly in its use on the Thames and Severn Canal, he suggested a 'hire charge' of 20^s/ as a contribution towards its reinstatement which was approved.
Cheques drawn: £ s d
M B Cannon, Income Tax: 31..15..0
Bartlett & Sons: 2..3..3
E T Gardom: 5..-
[Total] £34..3..3

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