Minutes Tue 15 Sep 1903

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Tue 15 Sep 1903


Messrs Haines & Sumner, agents of owner of land adjoining aqueduct at Whitminster promised to see to piling of brook.
Eastington Dock repaired at cost of £18 6s 1d.
Insanitary matters at Ryeford inspected with Medical officer of Health, Dr Martin.
Provisional order of Stroud Urban District Council for electric lighting.
Mr Long of Stapleton & Silver Bream Angling Association accepted promise to consider it next year.
New bridge at Gas Works completed. Cost £133 14s 0d.
Repairs to Framilode Bridge cost £39 16s 2d.

Verbatim text

[Sept 1903] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 15^th day of September 1903 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr H Hamilton Mills, Mr E Palling Little, Mr P J Evans, Mr F A Little, Mr W Davies, Mr W J Stanton, Mr A J M Ball
In attendance Mr Whittingham, Solicitor.
The Clerk reported the following arising out of the Report of the Annual Survey of June 25^th:
[Mr Clark land at Junction] Mr Clark, or the 'Junction Inn' has verbally agreed to pay the additional 5^s/- for permission to graze the Canal Bank.
{Whitminster Aqueduct] The Agents of the owner of the land adjoining the Aqueduct at Whitminster (Messrs Haines & Sumner) have promised to see to the piling of the Brook there.
[Whitminster Bridge] A letter (Aug 14) from the County Surveyor, as to the 'silt' at Whitminster Bridge, was read.
[Eastington Dock] Eastington Dock has been fully repaired, cost, including some items adjoining £18..6..1.
[Ryeford Insanitary matters] The insanitary matters at Ryeford had been inspected with the Medical Officer of Health D^r Martin, Sept 11, who will see to the abatement of the nuisance.
[Stroud UD Council Agreement re Electric Lighting P O produced] The Agreement as to the Provisional Order of the Stroud Urban District Council for Electric Lighting, sealed by that Council, was produced to the Committee.
[Angling in Canal, disappointment owing to water out] Letters re Angling, and the disappointment when the Canal was stopped, were produced from Mr Long of Stapleton and the Silver Bream Angling Association, both accepting the promise to consider it next year.
[Bathing in Canal] Letters of apology, as required, were read from the lads reported by the Police as bathing in the Canal in July.
[County Council Government Auditor re traffic return] The Clerk reported the result of his examination of the Books for the amount of through traffic to the Thames and Severn Canal, for the return demanded by the Government Auditor as follows, which he had sent in:
3 years ending 1894: £1347..12..2 Yearly Average: £449..12..1
3 years ending 1902: £1348..12..4 Yearly Average: £449..10..4
Increase: 1..0..2 ..6..8
The Clerk reported the following items:
[Water to Laundry Ebley] 1 He had inspected the arrangements for taking water from the Canal by the Stroud Laundry C^o, as agreed, & found them satisfactory.
[New Bridge at Gas Works] 2 The new Bridge at Gas Works has been completed, at a cost of £133..14..0 one moiety of this being due from the Stroud Gas Company.
3 Repairs to Framilode Bridge £3..9..8
4 Repairs to Shallow Lock Bridge £-..13..8
5 Repairs to Walk Bridge £39..16..2.
[Meeting of Committee & Half Yearly Meeting] It was ordered that the next Committee Meeting be held on the 20^th Oct, at 3 o'clock pm, and the General Half-Yearly Meeting at 3.30pm on the same day.
Cheques drawn:
W J Snape: 37..10..0
W Fredericks: 6..10..0
Price Walker & C^o: 38..16..0
T Mortimer: 4..18..2
H R Payne: 17..18..10
Stonehouse Brick C^o: 14..4..6
Webb & Spring: 14..17..0
R J Lugg: 23..9..0
Hill & Son: 3..10..3
W Whitfield: 5..19..0
[Total] £167..12..2

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