Minutes Tue 16 Feb 1904

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Tue 16 Feb 1904


Communication from Canal Association on enquiry by Home Office about proposed legislation for protection of Docks and Canals against accidents occurred to employees or persons trading.
Swindon Corporation Bill: Resolution passed by Committee deprecating closure of Wilts & Berks Canal. Statutory obligation to put and maintain North Wilts branch in good condition. Conditions provided for by Agreement between Thames & Severn, Canal trust and the Wilts & Berks Canal Company. Drafted 1899 but not ratified.
Better boat service over Sharpness & Stroudwater systems towards London desirable. Could be provided by Severn & Canal Carrying Co, Gloucester.
Local Government Board enquiry into allowing an increase of weight of motor cars beyond present limit of 4 tons involves question of strength of canal bridges. Canal Association asked company solicitors to look into legal bearings.
Resolution to be forwarded to Mr Dunstan, manager of Lloyds Bank, Stroud stating that cheques to be signed by members of Committee and countersigned by Secretary are to be honoured.
Solicitors suggested transference of Company’s insurances to Royal from Norwich Union, their insurers since 1805.

Verbatim text

[1904 February] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 16^th day of February 1904 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr F A Little, Mr W J Stanton, Mr E P Little, Mr A J M Ball, Sir W H Marling Bart
Mr Whittingham, Solicitor in attendance.
The Chairman signed Cheque £150..3..4 in favour of the County Council - the contribution of the Stroudwater Navigation, Canal Trust Act 1895,
viz, £150 to Sept 30^th 1903 Sec 44
3^s/4^d to Sept 30^th 1902 Sec 46.
[Communication with Canal Assoct re Enquiry with respect to protection of Docks & Canals] The Clerk reported certain communications from the Canal Association, since the last meeting of the Committee, on the subject of an enquiry by the Home Office proceeding in London, as to proposed legislation for the protection of Docks & Canal against accidents. He had replied to enquiries from the Secretary, on the 1^st inst, that in the 31 years he had known this Canal, no accidents had occurred to employees, or to his knowledge, to persons trading thereon.
[Resolution re Swindon Corporation Bill] The Clerk reported that he had handed to the Clerk of the County Council, at the meeting held on the 20^th January at Swindon, with reference to the 'Swindon Corporation Bill'. the resolution passed at the las meeting of this Committee, deprecating the closing of the Wilts & Berks Canal. The Chairman read a communication from the Vice Chairman (Mr H Hamilton Mills) who was unavoidably absent, stating his view "that if the Wilds and Berks Canal Company are allowed to dispose of and close the main Canal, they should be placed under statutory obligation to put, and maintain, the North Wilts Branch in good repair. These conditions were provided for by the Agreement between the Thames and Severn Canal Trust and the Wilts & Berks Canal Company" - drafted in 1899 but never ratified.
[Boat service on Canal] A suggestion through Sir W H Marling from the Chairman of the County Council, that a better boat service, over the Sharpness & Stroudwater systems toward London, was desirable, gave rise to a conversation, and it was considered that it might be most satisfactorily provided by the 'Severn and Canal Carrying Company Gloucester' if they could include such in their scheme of operations.
[Increase in Weight of Motor Cars] The Secretary of the Canal Association having reported an enquiry by the Local Government Board, with a view to "allowing an increase of the weight of motor Cars beyond the present limit of 4 Tons", involving the question of the strength of Canal Bridges, the Solicitors of the Company were requested to look into the legal bearings of the case.
[Cheques] The Manager of Lloyds Bank, Stroud, having renewed his request for a formal authority as to the signature of Cheques drawn on the Company's behalf, and also to endorsement of Cheques received, the following Resolution was passed with instructions to the Clerk to forward the same to Mr Dunsford. "That Lloyds Bank Limited at Stroud being the Bankers of the Stroudwater Navigation Company be and are hereby authorised to honour all cheques drawn on the account whether the account be in credit or overdrawn signed by the Chairman of the Company, or any two members of the Committee for the time being, and countersigned by the Secretary for the time being and to accept the endorsement of the Secretary upon all cheques paid to the credit of the account."
[Insurances of property] The Solicitors of the Company asked the Committee to sanction the transference of the Company's Insurance (falling due in March) to their office (the Royal) from the Norwich Union, where the Insurances had been since 1865, it being understood that the change will not involve to the Company any additional outlay. The Committee agreed to this, and requested the Chairman to review first, the details of the policies.
Cheques drawn:
Committee Fees: 1..12..6
Glos C Council Thames & Severn Canal; 150..3..4
M B Cannon: 36..15..11
J K Long: 1..14..10
Smith & lee: 2..16..11
Stroud Water C^oy: 18,,7
John J Oliver: 10..6
Stroud Gas Light & Coke C^oy: 1..2..8
A Jeffries: 1..2..-
Walter Baxter: 13..8..2
[Total] 199..15..5

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