Minutes Tue 15 Mar 1904

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Tue 15 Mar 1904


Resolution carried unanimously at meeting of Canal Association 23 February 1904 limiting weight of motor cars to such as ordinary canal bridges will safely carry until provision made by Parliament for rebuilding bridges.
Correspondence with Sharpness New Docks Co re keeping proper level in Bristol Road pound. Mr Whittingham to draft letter in reply to Mr Waddy’s letter of 4 February. Future maintenance of lock, banks and alterations recognised by Sharpness Dock Co’s engineer, Mr Jones, necessary to effectual working of Shallow Lock rests legally with Sharpness Co and not with Stroudwater Co. Sir William Marling to see Mr Keeling. Height of pound should be raised one foot.

Verbatim text

[1904 March] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 15^th day of March 1904 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present: Mr P J Evans Chairman, Mr A B Hooper, Mr A J M Ball, Mr F A Little, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr W Davies
Mr Whittingham, Solicitor in attendance.
[Motor Car Act] Correspondence with the Canal Association relating to the Motor Car Act 1861 was considered and the Committee approved the Resolution carried unanimously at the meeting of the Canal Association 23 February 1904 limiting the weight of Motor Cars to such as ordinary Canal Bridges will safely carry until provision is made by Parliament for rebuilding the Bridges.
[Cheques] The Clerk reported that the formal authority as to signature and countersignature of cheques on Lloyds Bank had been signed and forwarded to the Manage Mr Dunsford.
[Fire Insurance] Mr Whittingham reported the arrangement carried out since the last Meeting of Committee whereby the Fire Insurance of the Company's property had been transferred from the Norwich Union Office to the Royal Insurance Company at a slightly reduced premium.
[Sharpness Docks C^o re Bristol Road pound & the Shallow Lock] Correspondence with the Sharpness New Docks C^oy was read respecting the keeping of the proper level in the Bristol Road pound and Mr Whittingham was instructed to draft a letter in reply to Mr Waddy's letter of the 4^th inst pointing out that the liability for the future maintenance of the lock and banks as well as the alterations recognised by the Sharpness Dock C^oys Engineer - Mr Jones - as necessary to the effectual working of the Shallow Lock rests legally with the Sharpness Company and not with the Stroudwater Company Sir William Marling kindly undertaking in the meantime to see Mr Keelign and ask him to go into the matter and further to point out to him that this Committee considered the height of the pound in question should be raised one foot but that it should be referred to Mr Keeling for his opinion on this point, without prejudice to the Company's statutory rights.
[General Half Yearly Meeting] It was ordered that the next Committee Meeting be held on Tuesday the 19^th day of April 1904 @ 3 o'clock pm and the General Half Yearly Meeting on the same day @ 3.30pm.
Cheques drawn:
W J Snape: 1..12..6
Z Whiting: 8..4
T Butt & Son: 1..2..0
Webb & SpringL 1..6..6
Glos County Council: 2..0..0
J Elliott: 1..14..0
W Whitfield: 1..19..9
Stringer Bros: 34..16..9
[Total] 44..19..10

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