Minutes Tue 20 Dec 1904

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Tue 20 Dec 1904


Letter from late tenant of cottage at Lodgemore, J R Potter. Arrears of rent now £3 16s 11d.
Geo Taylor, tenant of Company’s house at Eastington, considerably in arrears of rent. No response to applications. Month’s notice to be given.
Messrs Smith, Rogers & Co of Ebley applied for house for foreman employed at Meadow Mills, Eastington, on lease or shorter tenancy. Chairman to ascertain who would be their tenants and interview person, arrange rent and tenancy.
Mr Ira J Bassett to take further 25 square yards in addition to 25 he already has, for his oil reservoir at Stonehouse Wharf.
Agreement with National Telephone Co produced and signed.
Authorities of Postal Telegraphs to pay 2s 6d to lay cables under bed of Stroudwater Canal near Saul Junction from 29 September.
New key to iron box containing Company’s seal.
Company’s foreman, E Hill, reported Mr F A Jones again riding bike on towpath on 19 December. Mr Whittingham, solicitor, to make remonstrance through Mr Stephen’s firm, Messrs Roberts, Jowlings & Co.
Question raised whether, under any conditions, cycle Licences, with substantial fee, might be granted in connection with important works on canal side for convenience of Principals or Managers who might find towing path a great saving of time.
Letter from Mr Southall, Secretary of Severn Commission, requesting further reduction of tolls. Committee did not entertain this.
Gerard Thomas Andrews Uthwatt claimed shares nos.50,133, will of Anna Maria Uthwatt.

Verbatim text

[1904 10^th Dec] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 20^th day of December 1904 @ 3' o'clock pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr P J Evans, Mr E P Little, Mr A J M Ball, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr F A Little
Mr Whittingham, Solicitor, in attendance.
[Gloucester Harbour Board] The Clerk presented the Receipt for the £6 ordered at last meeting to be forwarded to the Gloucester Harbour Board, and an accompanying letter from its Clerk, Mr P Cooke, noting that this Company does not commit itself with regard to future payments.
[J R Potter Rent] The Clerk presented letters from the late Tenant of the Cottage at Lodgemore, J R Potter, with reference to his payment of his arrears of Rent, now amounting to £_3:16:11.
[Geo Tayloe, House at Eastington] Geo Tayloe, tenant of the Company's house at Eastington, being considerably in arrears of rent, and making not response to applications, it was decided to give him the month's notice to determine the tenancy, as stipulated in his Agreement, from December 25.
[Smith Rogers & C^o House at Eastington] Messrs Smith Rogers & C^o, of Ebley, having applied for this house for a foreman employed at Meadow Mills Eastington, either on a Lease or on a shorter Tenancy, the Chairman was requested to ascertain personally from the applicants, exactly who would be these Tenants, and to interview the person they proposed to put in and arrange the matter of Rent and tenancy.
[Ira J Bassett "Stonehouse Wharf"] The Clerk reported that Mr Ira J Bassett had agreed to take a _further 25 square yards_. besides the 25 he already has, for his oil reservoir, at Stonehouse Wharf, for which he will pay in advance, as before, 1/- per square yard.
[National Telephone C^o Cable, Wallbridge Wharf] The Agreement with the National Telephone C^o in respect to the Cable laid under the Wallbridge Wharf was produced, duly signed by them.
[Postal Telegraphs Cables at the Junction] A communication from the Authorities of 'Postal Telegraphs', was produced, agreeing to pay yearly 2^s/6^d for the privilege of laying two cables under the bed of the Stroudwater Canal near the Saul Junction, dating from September 29 ulto, with due conditions as to the removal notice, etc.
[Seal Box] The Clerk reported that the provision of a new Key to the Iron Box containing the Company's Seal, in place of the one that had been lost.
[Bicycle riding on towing path by M^r J A Stephens, Hills Report] The Company's foreman, E Hill, having reported that Mr J A Stephens, whose bicycle riding on the towing path, was the subject of a communication to him, as see minutes of last meeting, had again done so on the 19^th inst, when he told him he must inform Mr Snape - the Company's Solicitor was requested to write to Mr Stephens. On the suggestion of Sir W H Marling, Mr Whittingham was directed to make this remonstrance through Mr Stephen's firm, Messrs Robers, Jowlings & C^o.
[Cycle Licences] The question was raised whether, under any conditions, Cycle Licences, with a substantial Fee, might be granted in connection with important works situated on the Canal side for the convenience of principals or Managers, who might find the towing path a great saving of time.
[Through Rate, Letter from Mr Southall, Severn Commission] A letter to the Clerk from the Secretary of the Severn Commission Mr F Southall, was read, requesting a further reduction of Tolls, in connexion with a Through Rate, beyond those made and communicated to him by this Company, Oct 11^th last. The Committee did nor see their way to entertain this, and approved the terms of a reply, which Mr Snape had drafted.
[Claim of Shares N^o 50 & 133 Mr Whitingham to A M Uthwatt] Ferdinand Samford Whittingham of Stroud in the County of Gloucester, Solicitor, attended under the written authority of Gerard Thomas Andrews Uthwatt, of Great Linford in the County of Buckingham, Esquire, sole Executor of the Will of Anna Maria Uthwatt late of Great Linford in the County of Buckingham Widow (who died on the 16^th day of August 1904 at Great Linford aforesaid) and who at the time of her death held two shares in the Company Numbered respectively 50 and 133 and now standing in the name of the said Anna Maria Uthwatt deceased in the Books of the Company and made out his claim by producing the tickets or titles of the said two shares and the Probate of the Will of the said Anna Maria Uthwatt bearing date the 28^th day of September 1899 and proved by the said Executor in the District Probate Registry of His Majesty's High Court of Justice at Oxford on the 4^th day of November 1904 and he claim was admitted accordingly and new Tickets or Titles ordered to be made out.

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