Minutes Tue 24 Jan 1905

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Tue 24 Jan 1905


Canal house at Eastington let to Mr Smith, Smith Rogers & Co, at £12 per annum.
Letter from Clerk of Wheatenhurst Rural District Council, declining to carry out proposed agreement to pay for use of Saul Ditch, in interests of village, by filling it with water from canal in view of legal charges.
Agreement of 1863 placed control of valve of that water course in hands of Company. Saul Parish Council to be informed of this.
Need for restoration of surface of Wallbridge Wharf, where Stroud Gas Co and National Telephone Co had laid pipes.
Mr F A Stephens continued to cycle on the towing path. Byelaw needed to enable Company to fully control this. Sub-committee to consider terms.
Terms of notices affixed to Company’s bridges cover all needs, including traffic by motors.
Clerk to enquire as to ability of Dudbridge Iron Works Co to anneal and test chain of Dudbridge crane.
1s per annum, due last June from Stroud District Rural Council for ventilating pipe at Dudbridge, remains unpaid.
Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet of T&S Canal for year produced.

Verbatim text

[1905 January] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 24^th day of January 1905 @ 3' o'clock. pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr W Davis, Mr A J M Ball, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr E P Little. Mr Whittingham, Solicitor, not in attendance, (ill),
[Canal House Eastington] The Clerk presented 'draft of Agreement' for the letting to Mr Smith (Smith Rogers & C^o) of the 'Canal House' at Eastington, @ £12 per annum, yearly tenancy, on the present tenants leaving. Mr Smith having objected to pay the cost of the agreement, the Committee agreed to waive them on his providing the necessary _stamp_.
[G Tayloe] The Solicitors of the Company had taken measures to secure the payment by the out going tenant (Tayloe) of the arrears of Rent.
[Saul Ditch.] A letter from the Clerk of the Wheatenhurst Rural District Council was presented, declining to carry out the proposed Agreement to pay 21^s/- per annum for the use of 'Saul Ditch', in the sanitary interests of that village, by filling it with water _from the Canal,_ in view of the legal charges (£1..11..6)
The Clerk called attention to an Agreement of 24 June 1863, with Mr Sims, which placed the control of the valve of that water course absolutely in the hands of this Company, and as he understood the Saul Parish Council contemplated filling it _from the Severn,_ he was instructed to communicate with that body, explaining this.
[Repairs Wallbridge Wharf] Mr Snape mentioned the need for a sound restoration of the surface of the Wallbridge Wharf, where the 'Stroud Gas Coy' and the National Telephone C^o. had recently laid their pipes. He was instructed to call the attention of both Companies to their responsibilities therein.
[Mr F A Stephens "continued to cycle on towing path".] It was reported to the Committee that Mr F A Stephens continued to cycle on the towing path, in spite of warnings and it was decided to prepare such Byelaw or Byelaws, as shall enable the Company fully to control this.
[Byelaws.] A sub-Committee, consisting of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, (Mr Mills) and Sir W H Marling Bart, was requested to consider the terms for such, ( in view of their confirmation at the General Meeting in April next) in conjunction with the Company's Solicitors. The Chairman read a _'Report on the Company's Byelaws'_, which Mr Whittingham had prepared.
[Notices affixed to Bridges] In view of the developments of traffic by _'motors'_ the terms of the notices affixed to the Company's bridges were reviewed, and it was considered that, at present at least, these sufficed to cover all needs.
['Dock regulations'] In connexion with a clause of the 'Dock regulations' of the Factory Act 1901, to which the Canal Associations had called attention, the Clerk was directed to enquire as to the ability of the "Dudbridge Iron Works Co" to _anneal_ and _test_ the Chain of the Dudbridge Crane, and to give a Certificate thereof for the satisfaction of H.M. Inspector.
[Stroud Rural District Council] The Clerk having reported that though he had made repeated applications for the 1^s/- per annum due last June, from the the Stroud Rural District Council for their ventilating pipe at Dudbridge it still remained unpaid, Mr. E.P. Little undertook to call the attention of the Clerk of the Council thereto.
[Thames & Severn Canal.] The Clerk produced Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet of the Thames & Severn Canal for the year .ended September 30^th 1914. The amount of tolls received by this Company in respect of through traffic over the Stroudwater to and from the Thames and Severn Canal for the year ending 30^th September 1914 will now be ascertained in compliance with Sec 43 of the Thames and Severn Canal Trust Act 1895.

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