Minutes Tue 25 Apr 1905

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Tue 25 Apr 1905


Repairs to Wallbridge Wharf satisfactorily completed by Stroud Gas Co and National Telephone Co.
Solicitors to apply to J K Potter for arrears of rent.
Mr Turier, Cheltenham, and Messrs Bartlett, Bristol, had submitted terms for periodical inspection of Company’s two weighing machines at a higher cost than current average. Contract postponed. Machines to be examined and tested by Company’s servants with help of James Smith, their blacksmith.
Board of Trade charge for settling new Byelaws accepted.
Mr Evans to represent the Company at a conference in Worcester on a scheme for taking over waterways of Midlands.
Monthly Committee Meetings to be held on Wednesdays 4.15pm instead of Tuesdays 3pm.
Value of stores in hand £116 9s.

Verbatim text

[1905 April] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge in Tuesday the 25^th day of April 1905 @ 3' o'clock pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr H Hamilton Mills Vice Chairman, Mr P J Evans, Mr A J M Ball, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr W Davies, Mr E P Little, Mr S S Marling (was 'off' Comtee & ought not to be here C H H)
Mr F S Whittingham, Solicitor in attendance.
[A/c & Books.] The various Accounts, Books, and Vouchers signed by the Auditor and certified to be correct were produced and passed.
[Treasurers Book] The Treasurer's Book was examined and signed by the Chairman.
[Wallbridge Wharf] The Clerk reported the repairs to Wallbridge Wharf satisfactorily completed by the Stroud Gas C^o. and the National Telephone C^o.
[J K Potter Rent] J K Potter not having paid anything further towards his debt for Rent of £3..11..11 the Company's Solicitors were instructed to make application to him.
[Weighing Machines] Mr Turier (Cheltenham) and Messrs Bartlett (of Bristol) having written submitting their terms for periodical inspection of the Company's two 'Weighing Machines' of £4 & £3..10..0 a year respectively, the Chairman stated the cost annually, had been during the last 13 years, an average of 32/6. It was decided to postpone for the present any such Contract, but to submit without delay, both the Machines, to examination, and test by the Company's best qualified servants, with the help of James Smith their blacksmith, reporting to the next Meeting of the Committee.
[Bye Laws.] In reference to correspondence between the Solicitors of the Company and the Board of Trade, the Committee allowed the Fee of £5..5..0, which the Board of Trade had stated would be required for settling the new Bye-Laws by Counsel.
[Waterways of the Midlands, Conference in Worcester. Mr. Evans to represent the C^o] Mr Evans called the attention of the Committee to the Conference to be held in Worcester on May 10^th in reference to a scheme for taking over the Waterways of the Midlands, on certain terms.
The Committee were glad to avail themselves of his willingness to represent them, when attending on behalf of the County Council, & to report.
[Monthly Meetings of the Committee] On the motion of Mr E P Little, seconded by Sir W H Marling Bart, the Committee decided that their monthly meetings in the ensuing year, be held on Wednesdays @ 4.15pm, instead of heretofore at 3pm on Tuesdays.
[Stores} A list of Stores in hand prepared for the Half Yearly Meeting was presented by the Clerk, signed by him, as of the value on March 31 £116..0..9.

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