Minutes Wed 17 May 1905

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Wed 17 May 1905


Visit by inspector found weighing machine at Dudbridge correct but at Wallbridge 17lbs out. It has now been refitted and improved.
Mr Evans’ reported on the meeting of Representatives of Canal and allied interests at Worcester on 10 May.
Demand by Government Auditor for details of average of through traffic for year received. Relevant books to be produced for inspection.
Stroud Assessment Committee had raised rateable value of Wallbridge Wharf to £20.
Annual survey of the Canal to take place on two dates in May.

Verbatim text

[1905 May] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 17^th day of May 1905 @ 4.15 pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr A B Hooper, Mr F A Little, Mr S S Marling, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr P J Evans, Mr E P Little, Mr W Davies, Mr W J Stanton, Mr. Whittingham, Solicitor in attendance.
[Weighing Machines.] The Clerk reported a visit by Mr Jones, the Inspector, to the Weighing Machines, immediately after the last meeting of the Committee, that at Dudbridge being found just but the one at Wallbridge 17 lbs out, at one corner. Mr Snape had, a day before, written Messrs Bartlett to send and examine it and it has since been refitted, with improvement to the mechanism;. - No proceedings were instituted by the Inspector.
[Meeting at Worcester.] Mr Evans was good enough to give the Committee his impressions of the Meeting of Representatives of Canal and allied interests, which he attended at Worcester on May 10. It appeared that while some points of real importance, such as 'Through Rates', were usefully discussed, the promoters of the scheme propounded, had manifestly not yet fully grappled with essential details.
[Gloucestershire County Council "Demand by the Government Auditor" (see Letter Book H May 30/1905 page. 173.) A demand by the Government Auditor, for _"details"_ of the Account rendered, of the Average of Through Traffic for the year ended September 30^th 1904 under sec. 43 T.& S. Trust Act 1895. had been received by the Clerk. It appearing by the terms of the clause, that such requirement would be properly met by producing to him the Books, containing such particulars, the Clerk was directed to place such at his disposal for inspection at the Office, at office hours on stated says, when Mr Snape could be present to furnish necessary verbal information.
[Wallbridge Wharf. 'Rateable Value'] The Clerk reported that the Stroud Assessment Committee had advanced the 'Rateable Value' of the Wallbridge Wharf, - on a new valuation - from £17..10..- to £20..- The Committee did not consider the difference of sufficient importance to authorise an Appeal.
[Survey of Canal.] It was arranged to carry out the Annual Survey of the Canal - on Tuesday May 23 - Framilode to Eastington (the Chairman and Mr W Davies) and on Thursday - May 25 - Stonehouse to Stroud (the Chairman and Mr F A Little) with the Clerk.

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