Minutes Wed 21 Jun 1905

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Wed 21 Jun 1905


Stroud Rural District Council to pay 2s 6d per annum for right to use towing path for access to gate of new fence, enclosing sewage works.
Mr Vick of Whitminster paid 10s for sheep washing in canal.
Mr Grey Robinson of Parklands, Whitminster proposes making repairs to his bridge over canal. Mr Snape ready to meet builder on spot and advise him.
Draft of proposed new byelaws considered and handed to Solicitors.
Promoters of Canals Bill failed to secure consideration in this session of Parliament.
Invitation from Secretary of Worcester Severn Valley Canals Scheme to Company to name representative on their committee. Chairman or Vice Chairman nominated.
Annual inspection of canal.
General condition thoroughly satisfactory.
Framilode: Masonry at Severn entrance overhauled. Cottage property in order.
Saul Bridge: Valve and culvert of Saul Ditch visited, conditions discussed with some elder inhabitants.
Junction: Advantage of restoration of ‘Shallow Lock’. Head of 8 to 9 inches. Levels at weirs satisfactory.
Stonepits Bridge: Sheep washing again done without permission. Mr Snape to see solicitors.
Bristol Road Wharf: Tenant had renewed wooden sheds. Coal traffic moving.
Eastington Wharf and the Yard: All in good order apart form some minor matters.
Stonehouse Farm: Offside bank in need of a little repair.
Stonehouse Wharf Swing Bridge: Precautions taken to ensure safety of public.
Ryeford Wharf: Nuisance running into canal from dung heap.
Ryeford: Gravel still being carried into canal.
Ebley: Nuisance floating for considerable distance. Dredging being done. Acknowledgement required for easement enjoyed by District Council in obtaining access to entrance gate to sewage works by towing path.
Hilly Orchard. Bridge renewal deferred.
Lodgemore: Repairs to culvert successful.

Verbatim text

[1905. June] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 21st day of June @ 4.15 o'clock pm 1905
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr W Davies, Mr E Palling Little, Mr J J Marling, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr A J M Ball, Mr Whittingham Solicitor in attendance.
[Report of the Survey of Canal 'read'.] The Chairman read the Report of the 'Survey' of the Canal (below), which was make in accordance with the minute of last meeting. The Clerk was directed to communicate with the Stroud Rural District Council as to an acknowledgment of 2^s/6^d p^r annum for the right to use the towing path for access to the gate of their new fence, enclosing the Sewage Works.
[Mr. Vick payment of the 10/.] He reported the payment by Mr. Vick of Whitminster, of the 10^s/- required through the Solicitors of the Company, for the Sheep Washing in the Canal which had been done without permission.
[Mr. Grey Robinson, re Bridge over the Canal at Whitminster] Two letters from Mr. Grey Robinson of 'Parklands' Whitminster, addressed to the Clerk, were read, - referring to repairs he proposed making to his bridge over the Canal, and Mr. Snape expressed his readiness to meet his builder on the spot and advise him if required.
[Bye-laws] The draft of the proposed new Bye-laws, with the criticisms of the Counsel to the Board of Trade, after examination by the Sub-Committee and the Vice Chairman, was considered, and handed to the Solicitors of the Company, for completion, after such modifications as had been deemed desirable.
["Canals Bill"] A circular letter from the promoters of the "Canals Bill", was read, showing that it had failed to secure consideration in this Session of Parliament, but that earnest effort would be used to obtain for it success next year.
['Worcester Severn Valley Canals Scheme'.] An invitation from the Secretary of the 'Worcester Severn Valley Canals Scheme', to this Company to name a Representative on their Committee, formed to consider the means for bringing it to effect, was received, and the Chairman or Vice-Chairman were nominated. The Clerk to advice their Secretary thereof, prior to the 1^st Meeting in Worcester on he 27^th inst.
[Survey Report.] Survey 1905 Report.
The Canal was surveyed by the Chairman and Mr W Davies (with Mr Snape) on Tuesday May 23 - from Framilode to Bristol Road Wharf and including Eastington Wharf & Yards.
And on Thursday May 25, by the Chairman and Mr F A Little (with Mr Snape) from Stonehouse Ocean to Stroud.
The remainder, Eastward from 'Bristol Road', subsequently by the Chairman.
The General Condition of the whole Navigation and Works impressed them as thoroughly satisfactory.
At Framilode, the Masonry at the Severn Entrance had lately been overhauled, and the high tide just running up, showed the trend of the current as _favouring_ rather than _washing_, the Embankment both of Canal & brook. The Cottage property was in order.
At Saul Bridge, the valve and culvert of 'Saul Ditch' was visited, and their conditions discussed with some Elder inhabitants. The question of '^Scouring^' this Water Course, alternatively by 'brook water', or by 'Canal Water', was explained.
At the 'Junction' Mr Fredericks reported all in order and gave an excellent account of the advantage of the late restoration of the '_Shallow Lock_'. _This_ was showing a 'head' of 8 to 9 inches, and the levels at weirs satisfactory. The 'concrete' masonry will perhaps not _wear_ so well as solid stone.
At 'Stonepits Bridge', it was observed that 'Sheep washing' had recently again been done there, without permission, involving trespass on the towpath and bank, and as this was in contravention of the Minute of the Committee (Fol 7) Mr Snape was instructed to see the Solicitor as soon as possible respecting it.
At Bristol Road Wharf, the Tenant had lately renewed his wooden sheds, and the premises seemed in unusually good order, with coal traffic moving. A little paint to windows etc was needed, also at the Cottages.
At 'Eastington Wharf and the Yard' all was in good order except minor matters of which Mr Snape took due note. A little outside painting is desirable at Lock keepers House & Garden (fence) Eastington.
The towing path and Bank want making up at what is known as 'Cabtree weir' Whitminster.
At 'Stonehouse Farm' - Bank (offside) need of a little repair.
The Stonehouse ^Wharf Swing Bridge was examined, and it was considered that all practicable precautions are taken to ensure the safety of the public, that lie within the Company's responsibility.
At Ryeford Wharf: A nuisance running into Canal from Dung heap.
At Ryeford: The gravel is still, in storms, carried into the Canal, from Mr Price's premises, through Mr Kimmins garden adjoining.
At Ebley: For a considerable distance here the Canal showed some nuisance floating, which was not explained, Dredging was being done.
At the new iron fence recently erected to enclose the 'Sewage Works' it appeared necessary to require some acknowledgement for the 'Easement' enjoyed by the District Council in obtaining access to the Entrance gate, by _the towing path_.
At 'Hilly Orchard':- The Bridge was inspected, and was thought sound enough to defer its renewal for probably another year.
At Lodgemore:- The repairs to the 'Culvert' seem to have been successful, no sign of any failure having since been observed.

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