Minutes Wed 25 Oct 1905

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Wed 25 Oct 1905


No reply from Stroud Rural District Council to letters about access to their sewage tanks.
Mr W J Acton, tenant of Company’s house at Dudbridge, given a month’s notice to quit.
Report of damage to bridge over canal at Ryeford by Mr Brunsdon's traction engine.
Messrs Smith & Son requested further lease for 10 years of Ship Inn, Wallbridge.
List of stores submitted.

Verbatim text

[1905 October.] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 25^th day of October 1905 @ 4.15 pm
Present. Mr C H Hooper, Chairman, Mr P J Evans, Mr A J M Ball, Mr F A Little, Mr W J Stanton, Mr E P Little, Mr S S Marling, Mr Whittingham, Solicitor in attendance.
[Stroud R D Council, gateway at Ebley.] The Clerk reported that he had received no reply from the Stroud Rural District Council, to his letter of July 1 and subsequent reminder, as to their access to their Sewage Tanks, by the Canal Towing path. He was directed to write again to the Clerk.
[Mr W J Acton re rent.] Mr W J Acton, tenant of the Company's house at Dudbridge, had discharged, under distress, the claim for Rent, to Sept 25, and a month's notice to quit had this day been given him. (He owes 17^s/7^d to this date).
[Ryeford Bridge injury by Mr Brunsdons Traction Engine.] The Clerk reported injury, since made good at a cost of about £7..- to the bridge over the Canal at Ryeford by the passing over it of a Traction Engine of Mr Brunsdon's weighing 10 tons. The Solicitors of the Company, were requested to look into the law of the case, and report to the next meeting of the Committee.
[Messrs Smith & Son, Ship Inn Lease.] Messrs Smith & Son having verbally requested, through the Clerk, a further Lease for 10 years, of the 'Ship Inn', Wallbridge, Mr Snape was instructed to reply in terms which the Solicitors of the Company, would suggest.
[Compensation Licensing Act 1904 re Ship Inn.] In reference to the question of 'compensation' under the Licensing Act 1904. Mr Whittingham said he had, as instructed, looked into the Lease of the 'Ship Inn', and found that its terms are sufficient protection for the Company.
[Notes.] The Clerk submitted a 'List of Stores', as on Sept 30, signed by him - the total amounting to £115..0..4.

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