Minutes Wed 20 Mar 1907

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Wed 20 Mar 1907


Interview with Mr Cox as to space at Stonehouse Wharf. Space required not much more than 20 yards. Annual rent 20s.
Agreement with Solomon Hopson, carpenter, for tenancy of upper floor of Wallbridge warehouse at £14 per annum, paid quarterly. Similar agreement with Mr Albert Francis Ashmead, wheelwright, for tenancy of lower floor. Rent £12. Allowance of £2, each of first two years. £2 contribution to cost of enlarging and rebuilding doorway and 10s 6d to cost of Agreement. Standing room outside for two vehicles.
Mr Dangerfield’s application for house on Dudbridge Wharf withdrawn on account of his serious illness. Mr G Tyler desired to occupy, with the dwelling, offices adjoining, empty for some time. Rent £15 inclusive for house and offices. Fair rent but left to discretion of Chairman.
Letter from Mr Fulton, manager of National Telephone Co, Gloucester. Permission granted to erect further telephone poles on towpath towards Saul. Cost of agreement borne by National Telephone Co.

Verbatim text

[1907 March] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 20^th day of March 1907 @ 4.15pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr P J Evans, Mr E P Little, Mr S S Marling, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr A J M Ball, Mr W J Stanton, Mr F A Little
Mr Whittingham, Solicitor, in attendance.
[Mr Cox space Stonehouse Wharf] Mr Snape reported an interview with Mr Cox as to the space at Stonehouse Wharf, and he was instructed to write Messrs Dickinson, Prosser & Cox, that as they required not _much more_ than 20 yards, the annual Rent of 20^s/- would be accepted, from Christmas last, (payable in advance) and up to say 25 yards would not be deemed encroachment.
[Agreements, Mr S Hopson and Mr A F Ashmead] An Agreement with Mr Solomon Hopson Carpenter, etc, for the tenancy (from March 25) of the upper floor of Wallbridge Warehouse, at £14 per annum, paid quarterly, - signed by him, was read by the Chairman and approved.
A similar Agreement with Mr Albert Francis Ashmead, Wheelwright signed by him, was presented, carrying out an arrangement made with him by the Chairman for tenancy of the lower floor as instructed at the last Meeting of the Committee, viz: An annual Rental per annum (paid quarterly) of £12..- but with an allowance of £2..- for each of the first two years - Mr Ashmead contributing £2..- to the cost of enlarging and re-building the doorway, and also 10^s/6 to the cost of the Agreement. Mr Ashmead further to be permitted standing room outside for two vehicles.
[Delivery deferred] The sealing of both Agreements was necessarily deferred till the return from abroad of the Vice Chairman (Mr Hamilton Mills) who has retained custody of one of the keys of the seal.
[Wharf House Dudbridge] The application of Mr Dangerfield for the House on Dudbridge Wharf, having been withdrawn on account of his serious illness, that of Mr G Tyler (out of three others received) was entertained, as he desired to occupy, with the dwelling, the offices adjoining, which have been some time empty. The rent paid, for the house alone, by the last tenant having been £10..11..0 including water rate, the Committee considered £15..- (inclusive) for House & Offices, a fair Rent, but left a discretion to the Chairman.
[National Telephone C^o Poles] A letter from Mr Fulton, Manager of the National Telephone Company, Gloucester, requesting permission to erect further telephone poles on the towpath towards Saul, as shown on a tracing, the Clerk was instructed to reply, that such permission would be granted under agreement approved by this Company's Solicitor, (cost of such agreement borne by the National Telephone C^o) but that in the first instance it would be desirable that the Clerk should meet Mr Fulton as to points of detail.
[Next Committee Meeting] Ordered that the next Committee Meeting be held on Wednesday the 24^th day of April next @ 4.15pm and the General Half Yearly Meeting on the same day at 4.45pm.

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