Minutes Wed 22 Jan 1936

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Wed 22 Jan 1936


Work in hand on widening at Wallbridge.
Cheltenham and District Billing Co asked for alteration to rent for posting station at Wallbridge to be considered on completion of altered wall.
Fire at Eastington yard left carpenters shop damaged. Repair estimate £215. Loss of tools £92 17s 4d. Royal Insurance paid £295. Shop not to be restored as long shed can be used after repairs. Permission given to the Clerk to obtain tools.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 22^nd day of January 1936 at 4 o'clock p.m.
Present: W R Bloxam, Henry R Hooper Marcus Stewart, R J C Little, Stanley Marling.
The Memoranda of the proceedings held on the 19^th June, 24^th July, 25^th Sept, 16^th Oct, 20^th Nov and 18^th Dec 1935 were confirmed
Gloucestershire County Council Widening at Wallbridge
The Clerk reported that the work was in hand.
Posting Station at Wallbridge and Dudbridge
The consideration of a letter from the Cheltenham and District Bill Postng C^oy for some allowance to be made in the rent of the Posting Station at Wallbridge occasioned by the alteration of the wall was postponed till completion of the work.
Stonehouse Wharf: M^r Baker
Nothing to report.
Eastington Yard, Carpenters Shop damaged by fire
The Clerk reported that on the 21^st December the Carpenters Shop at the Depot at Eastington has been damaged by fire; M^r Hopson's estimate amounting to £215:- for the restoration of the building together with £92:17:4, the estimated loss of tools etc. made a total loss of £307:17:4 towards which sum £295: had been secured from the Royal Insurance C^oy - After discussion it was decided for the present not to restore the Carpenters Shop, and the Committee directed that the existing long shed should be used in place, the Clerk was authorized to obtain necessary materials for the entrance and to carry out any repair to the roof and windows required. M^r Hooper undertook to view the damaged premises, and to instruct the clerk on the spot.
Tools etc.
The Committee authorised the Clerk to obtain tools as per Messrs Edmunds' estimate of £8..9..0 and any others wanted on reference to the Chairman.
Dudbridge Wharf: M^r Vines
A letter from M^r Vines was read seeking information of rentals of the Dudbridge Wharf. The Committee decided to await a further letter from M^r Vines. London Midland Scottish Railway C^o; re Boundary of Railway Siding at Stonehouse
A letter was read from the Railway C^oy and the Clerk was authorised to apply for an appointment.
Cheques drawn.
Committee fees 1..12..6,
J Cookley, Tidesman a/c 2..5..6
D. Tanner, Rates, Stonehouse 5..5

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