Minutes Wed 22 Jan 1936

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Wed 22 Jan 1936


General Half Yearly Meeting. Income 1 July 1935 £382 19s 1d. After wages, etc, balance £146 3s 9d. No dividend declared but £250 placed on deposit.

Verbatim text

At a General Half Yearly Meeting of the Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 22^nd day of January 1936 @ 4.30 o'clock pm
M^r W R Bloxam Chairman.
It appears that the sum of £332..19..1 and £50 sale of land has been received from the 1^st day of July 1935 -- to the 31^st day of December 1935 and a balance brought forward of £355..10..9 making a total of £738..9..10 of which sum £342..6..1 has been applied towards payment of wages, Disbursements, etc., and £250 placed on Deposit at the Chancery Lane Safe Deposit & Offices Company Ltd.,, making a total of £592..6..1 and there remains in the hands of the Treasurer the sum of £146..3..9.
Ordered that no Dividend for the Half Year ending December 1935 be paid.
£500 Cape of Good Hope 3½% Inscribes Stock values at £500 and £562 London and NOrth Eastern Railway Company's 4% second preference Stock valued at £106..17..7 and £29..10..10 including 4/4 Interest transferred to Revenue A/c on Deposit at Lloyd's Bank Ltd. Stroud stands to the credit of the Reserve Account making a total of £636..10..8.

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