Minutes Wed 19 Feb 1936

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Wed 19 Feb 1936


Work continuing on the widening of Wallbridge; wall not yet complete.
Carpenters tools ordered as per last meeting.
Proposed erection of fence at Stonehouse by London Midland Scottish Railway. To inspect Company’s 1885 plan of site.
Wayleaves at Framilode for West Gloucester Power Co to be settled by Chairman.
Chairman to write to the Urban District Council about Gas Works Bridge.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 19^th day of February 1936 @ 4 o'clock p.m.
Present: W R Bloxam, Henry R Hooper, R J C Little, Marcus Stewart, Stanley Marling.
Widening at Wallbridge
The Clerk reported that the wall at Wallbridge was not completed.
Stonehouse Wharf: M^r Baker
Nothing to report.
Eastington Depot: Carpenters Shop
M^r Hooper stated that he had met the Clerk on the ground and that the work was in hand.
Carpenters tools
The Clerk reported that tools to the amount of £8..9..0 had been ordered as per Estimate of Messrs Edmunds..
Stonehouse Wharf L.M.S. Railway C^oy
The Clerk reported that he had met an Agent from the Railway Company with the view of agreeing the boundary upon which the Railway Company propose to erect a fence. It was pointed out to him that the boundary had been settled by both parties in 1885 and was shewn in a plan which was then prepared and signed by the Canal Company and the Railway Company and exchanged. He stated he would look into this and would let the Committee have a letter stating the Company's proposal, in the meantime he would make a search for the plan failing its discovery he would like to have a sight of the Company's plans. A request by letter dated 15^th February from the Railway C^oy asking the Committees permission to inspect the plan was read and the the request was granted.
West Gloucester Power Coy: Wayleave at Framilode.
The application made by the Power Company for certain wayleaves at Framilode was left to the Chairman to settle.
Board of Trade, Census of production Act
The Clerk was instructed to see M^r Dudbridge thereon.
Gas Works Bridge
A letter from the Secretary to the Gas C^oy was read and after discussion it was left to the Chairman to settle a letter to be written to the Clerk to the Urban District Council.
Jan 1/36 to Feby 19/36: 8..14..5
Jan 1/35 to Feby 19/35: 11..9..9.
For the month of January 1936: 5..9..3
For the month of January 1935: 7..11..18.
1936: 481..15..5
1935: 395..8..11.
Cheques drawn:
Committee fees: 1..12..6
Rates Stroudwater C^oy 13:.0
James & Owen Stationery 11..6
Ryeford Saw Mills C^oy Canal Maintenance: 6..6
Edmunds Bros. Canal Maintenance & buildings: 7..6
Stroud Gas C^oy - GasDec 1936: 5..7
J Hopson Buildings and Canal Maintenance: 18..12..9

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