Minutes Wed 17 Feb 1937

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Wed 17 Feb 1937


Mr Hopson’s overdue rent paid.
New sanitary accommodation for Eastington Dock House approved. Estimated cost of materials £6 8s.
Towpaths closed on 8-12 February. Copy of notice printed 3 February placed in minute book. Second copy shows who monitored closures. Insert shows recording of closure date in 1953, 16 years later.
Notice from Stroud Rural District Council relating to the Housing Acts of 1925 and 1935 to be passed on to tenant at Canal Cottage at Double Locks.

Verbatim text

[1937 Feby] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 17^th day of February 1937 @ 4 o'clock pm
Present: W R Bloxam, R J C Little, Henry R Hooper.
Wallbridge Wharf, M^r Hopson deceased
The Clerk reported that all rent due to last December had been paid. Resolved that the charge £10 p a for extra space shall commence on and from the 25^th December last.
Messrs Redler Patents, Gate in the Foundry pound at Dudbridge
Agreement in hand.
Stonehouse Wharf, Fencing, L M & S Railway Coy
The Railway Company had written to say the fence should be inspected by their Surveyor, and any necessary adjustment made, the Clerk was directed to write and enquire when their Surveyor was coming so that the Company's Surveyor could meet him.
Dock House at Eastington, Repairs
The Committee accepted M^r Hopson's estimate of £2..7..6 for a sitting room grate, and the proposal for new sanitary accommodation approved, the estimated cost for materials being £6..8..0.,
Closing of the Towing path
The Clerk reported that the Towing path of the Canal had been closed against the public in accordance with following Notice issued by the Company on the 3^rd February 1937:
Stroud Water Navigation
Is hereby given, that the use of the Towing Path of this Canal by the Public, will be stopped on the following days, viz;-
1937, Feb 8^th: Wallbridge, Lodgemore, Gas Works, Dudbridge, Hilly Orchard
1937 Feb 9th: Ebley Mills, Oil Mills Bridge, Stanley Meadows, Ryeford Bridge
1937 Feb 10^th: Stonehouse Swing Bridge, Stonehouse Bridge, Bonds' Mill Bridge, Roving Bridge
1937 Feb 11^th: Eastington Bridge, Westfield Bridge, Bristol Road Bridge, Walk Bridge
1937 Feb 12^th: Junction, Saul Bridge, Framilode
By Order of the Committee, P G Snape, Clerk & Surveyor.
Stoppage of Canal Towing Path
The Towing path was last stopped in Feby 1937 M B 10.36
1953 Wallbridge
1953 Dates to be fixed
Four men required(We have one man - Pockett)
Stroud Rural District Council, Housing Acts 1925-1935
A notice under the above Acts had been received respecting the Canal Cottage at the Double Locks. The Clerk was instructed to hand the ticket attached to the Notice to the tenant.
January 1^st 1937 to Feby 17 1937: 11..9..9
January 1^st 1936 to Feby 17 1936: 8..14..5.
Month of January 1937: 7.118..1
Month of January 1936: 5..9..3.
1937: 177.8..3
1936: 481..15..5.
Cheques drawn:
Committee fees: 1..12..6

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