Minutes Wed 29 Sep 1937

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Wed 29 Sep 1937


Mr Wiggall offered the shed and stable at Dudbridge Wharf for £10 p.a. or £15 with the warehouse as well.
Wharf House, Dudbridge let to Mrs Shipton for £20 p.a.
Repairs undertaken at Lodgemore Bridge, Walk Bridge, Shallow Lock Bridge and Saul Bridge.
National Association of Canal Carriers had written regarding the level of tolls charged for lime and basic slag used for agricultural purposes. The Company had replied that tolls would be the same as for coal.

Verbatim text

[1937 Sept] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 29^th day of September 1937 @ 4 o'clock pm
Present: W R Bloxam, Henry R Hooper, R J C Little.
There being only three Members of the Committee present there was no quorum but there being some matters requiring immediate attention it was decided to proceed with them subject to confirmation by the next Committee.
Wallbridge Wharf, Messrs Strachan & Coy.
The Clerk reported a letter from Messrs Strachan & Coy stating that they had noted that their offer of £125 for piece of land at Wallbridge and £100 for permanent right of way had been accepted by the Committee.
Dudbridge Wharf, M^r Wiggall
In reply to M^r Wiggall's inquiry the Clerk was instructed to offer M^r Wiggall the shed and stable at £10 per annum rent with a fresh Agreement, or, together with the Warehouse he has now, at £15 per annum rent.
Wallbridge Wharf, Warehouse
The Clerk reported that M^r Hopson had not yet submitted his estimate for the repair of the roof of the Warehouse.
Wharf House at Dudbridge
The Clerk reported that the Wharf House had been let to M^rs Shipton at £20 a year rent, and that she had signed the Company's Agreement and paid for it.
Wharf House at Eastington, M^r Beard
M^r Beard having complained about the state of repair of the house, M^r Hopson undertook to inspect the premises with the Clerk and report.
Messrs Marling & Evans Ltd, Towing path at Ebley
Messrs Marling & Evans had written stating that they wished to terminate the arrangement come to in August 1936. The Chairman undertook to settle a letter for the Clerk to send to Messrs Marling & Evans.
Gloucester Rural District Council, Assessment Forms
The Clerk was instructed to complete and return the forms to the Council.
Canal: Repairs to Bridges
The Clerk reported that the following bridges had been repaired viz: Lodgemore Bridge, Walk Bridge, Shallow Lock Bridge and Saul Bridge.
National Association of Canal Carriers re Tolls
The Clerk reported a letter from the Association enquiring tolls chargable on this Canal for Lime and Basic Slag used for Agricultural purposes and was instructed to reply informing them that the tolls would be same as for coal carried on the canal.
July 1^st 1937 to Sept 29/37: 12..16..8
July 1^st 1936 to Sept 29/36: 12..11..3.
Cash at Lloyd's Bank Ltd Stroud
1937: 66.1..4
1936: 121..10..3.
Tonnage Month of August 1937: 5..15..0
Tonnage Month of August 1956: 4..8..2.
Cheques drawn: £ s d
Messrs Little & Bloxam, Legal Expenses: 7..10..0
Messrs Dudbridge & Sons, Auditors Salary: 2..12..6
W Fredericks Wharfingers A/c: 8..2..6
P G Snape, Salary: 42..7..2
P G Snape, Committee Expenses: 1..12..6
Ryeford Saw Mills Canal Bridges: 8..18.0
Stroud Water C^o Water Rates, Property at Dudbridge: 13..0

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