Minutes Tue 26 Oct 1937

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Tue 26 Oct 1937


Mr Hopson repaired roof of warehouse for £2 15s.
Work to improve inside of Wharf House at Eastington in hand.
Pump at Double Lock Cottage, Ryeford, in bad condition.
Clerk instructed to obtain a copy of the Transport Advisory Canals Report re rates.
Bottom gates at Framilode Lock repaired.
Mr Wathan informed that charge for taking water from canal at Framilode would be £2 2s p.a.

Verbatim text

[1937 Oct] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 20^th October 1937 @ 4 o'clock pm
Present: W R Bloxam, R J C Little, Henry R Hooper.
There being only three Members of the Committee present there was no quorum but there being some matters requiring immediate attention it was decided to proceed with them subject to confirmation by the next Committee.
Dudbridge Wharf, M^r Wiggall
In accordance with Minutes of last Meeting a letter had been sent to Mr Wiggall. No reply had been received.
Wallbridge Wharf, Warehouse Roof, M^r Hopson
The Clerk reported that Mr Hopson had repaired the roof of the Warehouse: Estimated cost £2..15..0.
Eastington Wharf House, M^r Beard
M^r Hooper stated that he had inspected the premises. Work required to be done, - Chimney (Wash-house) rebuilt, this had been done., WC, wall against the Canal, has been repaired. Further work to be done viz:- supply sink and drain in the back kitchen also light in the pantry and light in the back kitchen - this is being attended to - outside walls to stand over. Ceilings in to of the bedrooms need repair - being attended to.
Towing path next Ebley Mills, Messrs Marling & Evans
In accordance with Minute of last Meeting he Chairman had settled a letter which the Clerk had sent to Messrs Marling & Evans. No reply.
Double Lock Cottages, Ryeford
The Clerk reported that the pump at this cottage was in bad condition. The matter was left to M^r Hooper.
Letter from the Canal Association
The Clerk was instructed to obtain a copy of the Transport Advisory Canals Report re Rates.
Messrs Strachan & Coy, Land at Wallbridge
The Clerk produced a plan of the land and was instructed to have the necessary boundary pegged out and shown to Messrs Strachan & Co for agreement.
Canal at Framilode
The Clerk reported that the bottom gates of the Framilode Lock had been repaired.
Canal at Newtown
The Clerk reported that the hedge against the main road had been cut as required by the Authorities.
Wharf House at Wallbridge
The Clerk was authorized to have the guttering of the house attended to.
Framilode, M^R Wathan, water supply from the Canal
A letter was read from M^r Wathan, after discussion the Clerk was instructed to inform him, that the Company's usual charge for a one inch pipe to the Canal, is £2..2..0 per annum.
July 1^st 1937 to Oct 20 1937: 16..13..4
July 1^st 1936 to Oct 20 1936: 15..16..5.
Month of September 1937: 3..5..2
Month of September 1936: 3..10..11.
1937: 42..12..7
1936: 147..2..2.
Cheques drawn:
Committee fees: 1..12..6
Edmund Bros, Nails, Saul Bridge: 8..6
Harris & Sumner Fidelity Ins: 10..0
J T Davis Canal Maintenance: 3..6
G Gabb Canal Maintenance: 2..5..6
Tithe Redemption Commission Eastington Tithe District: 2..4..8

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