Minutes Wed 17 Nov 1937

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Wed 17 Nov 1937


Marling & Evans to be charged £1 per quarter if they will accept responsibility for the upkeep of the towing path near Ebley Mill they use for haulage.
Clerk instructed to fit new hand pump at Double Lock Cottage, Ryeford.
New boiler fitted at Dock House, Eastington.
Company unable to afford work requested by Board of Conservators, Severn Fishery District, but would allow them to do any stretch of the canal.
New heel post to be fixed to the towpath top gate at Blunder Lock.
Clerk authorized to carry out repairs needed at Bristol Road Wharf.

Verbatim text

[1937 Nov] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 17^th day of November 1937 @ 4 o'clock pm
Present: W R Bloxam, Marcus Stewart, R J C Little, Henry R Hooper.
There being only four Members of the Committee present there was no quorum but there being some matters requiring immediate attention it was decided to proceed with them subject to confirmation by the next Committee.
Eastington Wharf House - Repairs
The Clerk reported that the light in the pantry and back kitchen had been fixed and a sink and drain provided. WC roof and the jambs of the back door had been repaired, and a new cill fixed on the back door. Cracks in the walls filled in, and repaired, The ceiling in the back bedroom was being attended to, the tenant had requested that the ceiling in the front bedroom should stand over for a time.
Towing path near Ebley Mills, Messrs Marling & Evans
A letter from Messrs Marling & Evans was read, after discussion the Committee agreed that they would be willing to accept £1..0..0 a quarter if Messrs Marling & Evans will be responsible for the cost of upkeep due to their haulage. The Chairman undertook to settle a letter for the Clerk to sent to Messrs Marling & Evans.
Double Lock Cottages at Ryeford
M^r Hooper stated that a new hand pump had been obtained from Messrs Smith & lee, the Clerk was instructed to have it fixed.
Dock House at Eastington
M^r Hooper stated that a new boiler had been obtained and fixed.
Transport Advisory Council's Report or Service and Rates
The Clerk produced a copy of the Report.
Messrs Strachan & Coy, Sale of land at Wallbridge
The Chairman stated that the conveyance was in hand.
Wharf House at Wallbridge, Guttering
The Clerk reported that he had instructed M^r Hooper to do the necessary work.
Framilode, M^r Wahtan, water supply
A letter from M^r Wathan was read, after discussion the Committee could not see its way to altering its previous decision.
Dudbridge Wharf premises, M^r Redler
A letter was read from M^r Redler enquiring about the premises now void at Dudbridge. The Committee directed the Clerk to let M^r Redler inspect the premises.
Wallbridge Wharf House, Advertising site
The Clerk was instructed to inform Messrs National Sales Sites Ltd that the Committee were not prepared to consider their application.
Board of Conservators, Severn Fishery District
The Committee instructed the Clerk to inform the Board that the Company had no money for the work but that they had no objection to the Board doing any stretch of the Canal. The Chairman undertook to settle a letter to be sent to the Board.
Canal Association re Canals: Questions in Parliament
A communication was read from the Canal Association, the Committee had no observations to make.
Dudbridge property
The Clerk reported that the roof of the Lock Cottages at Dudbridge had been repaired & the roof of the Warehouse let to M^r Wiggall had been attended to.
Canal at Newtown, Blunder Lock
The Clerk was authorised to have a new heel post fixed to the towing path top gate of the Blunder Lock.
Property at Bristol Road Wharf
The Clerk reported that the following repairs were required to the Cottage occupied by M^r Bailey viz: furnace grate and frame needs repair, wall in the wash house, need painting & making good, spouting on the back of the Cottage, to be fixed, to of the Chimney to be repointed & made good. The Clerk was authorized to have this work done.
Dudbridge Wharf, M^r Wiggall
A letter from M^r Wiggall asking that the Company should make him some allowance towards the expenses he had incurred in improving the floor of the Warehouse was read, the Clerk was instructed to inform him that the Company cannot make any allowance.
Swing Bridges - Timber
The Clerk was instructed to see M^r Hooper.
Ordered that the next Meeting of the Committee be held on the 15^th day of December @4 o'clock pm.
July 1^st 1937 to November 17^th 1937: 22..11..2
July 1^st 1936 to November 17^th 1936: 21..4..6.
For the month of October 1937: 6..10..4
For the month of October 1936: 6..5..7.
1937: 38..13..8
1936: 132..13..3.
Cheques drawn:
Committee fees: 1..12..6
Smith & Lee Maintenance of Buildings: 1..8..6
Postmaster General, Telephone: 2..6..4
Gloucester R D C Rates
Framilode Lock-house: 2..11..2
Eastington Lock-house: 2..8..1
[Total of Rates] 4..19..3

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