Minutes Wed 16 Mar 1938

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Wed 16 Mar 1938


Lorry owned by Smith & Co of Cheltenham damaged gates at entrance to Dudbridge Wharf on 4 March. Repairs estimated to cost £9 5s.
Lock gates at Dudbridge given new balance pole, and the planking was repaired on the bottom gates.
Kitchen, pantry and scullery at the Wallbridge officest to be “done up” at a cost of £6 16s 9d.
Mr Cookley on behalf of Frethern with Saul Parish Council enquiring whether there would be any charge for the extraction of water from the canal at Framilode in the event of a fire. The Company had replied that no charge would be made for the water but any damage to the banks or Company property would have to be paid for.

Verbatim text

[1938 Mar] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 16^th day of March 1938 @ 4 o'clock pm
Present: W R Bloxam, Henry R Hooper, R J C Little.
There being only three members of the Committee present there was no quorum, but there being some matters requiring immediate attention it was decided to proceed with them subject to confirmation by the next Committee.
Stroud Gas Company, pipe at Roving Bridge
The Chairman stated that the Agreement with the Gas Company had been sealed.
Sale of Scrap Iron at Eastington
It was decided to write to Jackson & Coy to enquire why they had not removed the scrap iron they had purchased at Eastington.
Dudbridge Warehouse: Roof repairs
The Clerk reported that the Chimney had been repaired by M^r Hopson.
Dudbridge Wharf: Entrance Gates
The Clerk reported that on the 4^th March last a lorry owned by Messrs Smith & Co of St Pauls Road Cheltenham damaged the gates at the entrance to the Dudbridge Wharf. The Company had been notified that the Navigation would hold them responsible and an estimate (M^r Hopson's) £9..5..0 of the cost had been sent to them. After a long discussion it was decided to write to Messrs Smith & Coy and ask for payment.
Public Trustee, Col Sir P S Marling Bart deceased
A letter from the Public Trustee was read, the Chairman undertook to settle a letter for the Clerk to send to the Trustee.
Canal at Dudbridge, Lock Gates
Balance pole, replaced.
Bottom Gates, planking required.
Rents unpaid
The Clerk reported the following:
R W Baker ¼ year to 25/13/37: 3..15..0
R W Baker ¼ year to 25/3/38: 3..15..0
Palmer ¼ year to 25/3/38: 5..0..0.
Wallbridge Offices
The Clerk produced Hopson's estimate for doing up the kitchen, pantry & scullery at the Offices amounting to £6..16..9 and this was accepted by the Committee after inspection of the rooms.
Framilode, M^r Cookley
Letter from M^r Cookley on behalf of Frethern-with-Saul Parish Council enquiring if the Navigation would make any charge if water was drawn in the event of a fire. The Committee directed the Clerk to reply that no charge would be made for water but if any damage were done to the banks or other property the Navigation would expect such damages to be paid for.
Deposit A/c
M^r Little reported that the Chancery Land Safe Deposit & Offices C^o Ltd were anxious to discontinue the deposit side of their business and would like to repay the £950..- deposits by this Company. The Committee decided to withdraw the money and reinvest in War Loan.
January 1^st 1938 to March 16^th 1938: 10..6..6
January 1^st 1937 to March 16^th 1937: 15..19..10.
Month of Feby 1938: 2..15..6
Month of Feby 1937: 5..19..0
Cash at Lloyds Bank Stroud
1938: 221..10..7
1937: 173..13..6.
Cheques drawn:
Committee fees: 1..12..6

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