Minutes Tue 26 Apr 1938

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Tue 26 Apr 1938


Jackson & Co paid 50s per ton for scrap steel, 67s 6d a ton for heavy cast iron and 75s 6d per ton for wrought iron from Eastington.
General Accident offer of £7 10s for repair of gates at Dudbridge Wharf accepted.
Committee suggested to the Public Trustee of Sir P S Marling that Mr S S Marling might be willing to purchase the shares.
Deposit account moved from Chancery Lane Safe Deposit and placed in Lloyd’s Bank in Stroud.
£1000 invested in 3½% War Loan.
Mr Frederick’s, Clerk at Junction Office, having died, he is to be replaced by Mr Holder at the same salary of £32 10s.
Sharpness Docks Co complained of loss of water from their canal at the Junction because the outside ground paddle and bottom gates needed attention at Framilode Lock.
Mr H Thomas, Captain of motor barge Kathleen, had written complaining of weeds. Mr Thomas to be notified that the matter was receiving attention. Clerk to ask Severn Catchment Board what they would charge for the use of their motor dredger and crew.

Verbatim text

[1938 April] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 20^th day of April 1938 @ 4 o'clock pm
Present: W R Bloxam, Henry R Hooper, Marcus Steward, R J C Little.
There being only four Members of the Committee present there was no quorum, but there being some matters requiring immediate attention it was decided to proceed with them subject to confirmation by the next Committee.
Scrap Iron at Eastington
It was reported that Messrs Jackson & C^oy of Coventry had removed the Scrap Iron and had paid £26..8..10 for it as quoted as follows:
T C q £ s d
-: 3: 0 of Scrap Steel @ 20/- per ton = 7..6
4: 1: 3 of Heavy Cast Iron @ 67/6 per ton = 13..15..11
3: 5: 0 of Wrought Iron @ 75/6 per ton = 12..5..5
[Total} £26..8..10.
Dudbridge Wharf, Warehouse
The Clerk reported that the roof had been repaired.
Dudbridge Wharf, Entrance Gates, Damage
The Committee agreed to accept £7..10..0 in full compensation as offered by the General Accident etc Assurance C^oy.
Public Trustee, Letter re sale of Shares, Col Sir P S Marling Bart, deceased
It was decided to suggest to the Public Trustee that M^r S S Marling might be disposed to purchase the Shares.
Rents unpaid
It was decided to again apply to M^r Baker (£7..10..0) and to M^r Palmer (£5..0..0) rents due 25/3/38.
Wallbridge Offices - Repairs
The Clerk reported that M^r Hopson had carried out the repairs ordered. M^r Hooper stated that he had inspected the work which was satisfactory. He had authorized the Clerk to obtain and have fixed in the scullery an earthenware sink to replace the present iron trough, and this the Committee approved.
Chancery Land Safe Deposit & Offices C^o Ltd, Deposit A/c
In accordance with Minute of last Meeting money on Deposit £950..0..0 and Interest £5..15..10 making a total of £955..15..10 had been withdrawn & placed on Deposit at Lloyd's Bank Ltd, Stroud.
Investment 3V% War Loan
The Committee Ordered that £1000 worth of 3½% War Loan be purchased.
South Gloucestershire Internal Drainage Board - Rate
The Committee ordered that the rate levied on the Lock House at Framilode be paid, the Demand note for rate levied on the Warehouse to be returned to the Board as this rate is payable by the tenant.
Junction Office
The Clerk reported the death of M^r Fredericks Clerk at the Junction Office, and the appointment by the Sharpness Docks C^oy of M^r Holder in his place. The Committee approved the appointment at the same Salary £32..10..0 a year as paid by the Company to the late M^r Fredericks.
Framilode Lock, Gates
A letter from the Sharpness Docks C^oy, complaining that an unreasonable amount of water was being taken from their Canal at the Junction was read. The Clerk reported that the outside ground paddle required repair also the bottom gates and cills needed attention. The Clerk was directed to do any necessary repairs and to reply to the Sharpness Docks Coy, that he matter is having attention.
State of Canal
Letter from M^r H Thoms, Captain of the Motor Barge "Kathleen" complaining of weeds was read, it was decided to reply that the matter is having attention, and the Clerk was directed to ascertain from the Severn Catchment Board what their charge would be for the services of their motor dredger and crew.
Tonnage £ s d
Jany 1^st 38 to April 20^th 38: 177..4..3
Jany 1^st 37 to April 20^th 37: 23..18..1.
Month of March 1938: 6..17..9
Month of March 1937: 7..14..9.
1938: 255..17..5
1937: 164..0..2.
Cheques drawn:
Committee fees: 1..12..6

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