Minutes Wed 18 May 1938

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Wed 18 May 1938


Ground paddle and gates at Framilode repaired.
Clerk reported conversation with Mr Rowbotham of the Severn Catchment Board. The Board had no suitable plant for dredging. The Clerk to make enquiries of Mr Cullis about the Worcester and Birmingham Canal Co’s dredger.
J and HB Jackson Ltd to be allowed to use the crane at Dudbridge Wharf at their own risk. J and HB Jackson to have the crane put into good order.
The Company not prepared to bear any of the cost of repairing the weighing machine at Dudbridge Wharf.

Verbatim text

[1938 May] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 18^th day of May 1938 @ 4 o'clock pm
Present: W R Bloxam, Henry R Hooper, R J C Little.
There being only three Members of the Committee present there was no quorum, but there being some matters requiring immediate attention it was decided to proceed with them subject to confirmation by the next Committee.
Dudbridge Wharf Entrance Gates: Damage
It was reported that the General Accident Insurance C^oy had paid £7..10..0 the agreed amount towards the damage.
Public Trustee: Sale of Shares, re Sir P S Marling deceased Accounts
It was agreed to let the Public Trustee have copies of the last three half yearly Statements prepared by the Auditors.
Rents unpaid
The Clerk reported that M^r Baker had promised a Cheque by the end of May and that M^r Palmer would pay on the 1^st day of every month. He had paid £1..13..4 on 1^st of May for the month of April.
The Clerk was instructed to write to M^r Baker and ash for his Cheque by return.
Wallbridge Office: Sink in the Scullery
The Committee accepted M^r Maller's estimate £2..19..6 for providing and fixing a new sink,
Investment 3½% War Loan
It was reported that £1000 3½% War Loan costing £1033..18..0 had been purchased and stands in the names of Major R J Caruthers-Little, Col J R Morton Ball and Marcus Stewart Esq as Trustees.
Framilode Lock, Gates
The Clerk reported that the offside ground paddle had been repaired and was now in fair order. The bottom gates and cills had had attention.
State of the Canal, Wallbridge pound, Dredging
The Chairman read note made by the Clerk of his interview, on the spot, with M^r Rowbotham of the Severn Catchment Board.
It appears that the Catchment Board has no suitable plant for the work.
The Clerk was instructed to enquire of M^r Cullis about the Worcester & Birmingham Canal Dredger.
Dudbridge Wharf, Crane
The Committee agreed to J & H B Jackson Ltd using the Crane as they had written to say that they were arranging to have the Crane put in order and that they would use it at their own risk.
Dudbridge Wharf, Weighing Machine - Repair
The Clerk was directed to reply to J & H B Jackson Ltd that the Navigation is not prepared to bear any of the cost of repair.
Tonnage £ s d
Jan 1^st 1938 to May 18^th 1938: 22..3..3
Jan 1^st 1937 to May 18^th 1937: 28..0..0.
Month of April 1938: 3..19..0
Month of April 1937: 7..7..4.
Cash at Lloyd's Bank, Stroud
1938: 187..16..11
1937: 144..-..2.
Cheques drawn:
Committee fees: 1..12..6
Stroud Gas Coy - Office Gas: 9..11
Stroud Water Coy - Water Rate, Dudbridge & Eastington: 13..0
Tithe Redemption Commission, Eastington: 2..4..8
Ryeford Saw Mills C^oy, Canal Maintenance: 2..0..3
South Gloucestershire Internal Drainage Board Rate, Framilode Lock house: 2..6

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