Minutes Wed 15 Mar 1939

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Wed 15 Mar 1939


Copeland Chatterston Co buiding boundary wall against lock house premises at Dudbridge.

Verbatim text

[1939 March] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 15^th day of March 1939 @ 4 o'clock pm
Present: W R Bloxam, Henry R Hooper, R J C Little.
There being only three members of the Committee present there was no quorum but there being some matters requiring immediate attention it was decided to proceed with them subject to confirmation by the next Committee.
Bank at Bond's Mill at Stonehouse: Repair
The Clerk stated that the work was in progress and reported the extent of the work required.
Dudbridge Wharf, Messrs Jackson & Coy, re application to sublet
There was nothing to report.
Dock House at Eastington, Repair of Porch
The Clerk reported that the materials required are in stock.
Dudbridge Property, Lockhouse
The Clerk reported that The Copeland Chatterson Company Ltd had commenced to build the boundary wall against the lock house premises at Dudbridge.
Swing Bridge next Bond's Mill at Stonehouse: Fencing
Mr Hooper offered to inspect this and report to the committee.
Tonnage £ s d
January 1^st 1939 to March 15^th 1939: 9..19..0
January 1^st 1938 to March 15^th 1938: 11..8..6.
For the month of Feby 1939: 4..9..0
For the month of Feby 1938: 2..15..6.
Cash at Lloyds Bank Stroud
1939: 79..3..3
1938: 221..10..7.
Cheques drawn:
Committee fees: 1..12..6
Morton Merrett Rate re South Glos drainage, property at Framilode Lock: 2..6

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