Minutes Fri 10 May 1833

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Fri 10 May 1833


Special Meeting. Mr Richard Wyatt, on behalf of Company for erecting Gas Works for supply of Stroud, requested sale of small piece of land near canal bridge on road leading to Fromehall Mill, 44 yards long, 6 yards wide. Also to lay down pipes for gas along line of towing path from gas works to turnpike road at Wallbridge east, down to Ebley Road west, and to inspect, take up, repair or restore same. Special General Meeting to consider proposal.
Samuel Smith to erect and alter the brook and canal bridges near Ryeford. Company to pay half expense.

Verbatim text

At a Special Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Walbridge on Friday the 10^th May 1833
Present: M^r Cosham, M^r Wood, M^r P H Fisher, M^r Grazebrook, M^r Jos Fisher, M^r T C Croome.
M^r Richard Wyatt, Sol., having applied to this Committee (on the part of a certain Company lately formed for erecting Gas Works for the supply of the Town of Stroud and other places with Gas Light) and requested the sale to them of a small piece of Land belonging to this Company situated near the Canal Bridge on the Road leading to Froomhall Mill; being about forty four yards long and Six yards wide, for the site of part of the Gas Works intended to be erected for the above purpose:-
And also requested permission to lay down pipes for the conveying of gas under and along the line of the Towing Path from the Gas Works to the Turnpike road at Walbridge east, and down to Ebley Mills west, and from time to time to inspect, take up repair or restore the same. - And this Committee being of the opinion that it is desirable for this company to facilitate the objects of the said Gas Company, on a proper arrangement respecting the repair of the said bridge and the Towing path -
Ordered that a Special General Meeting of the Proprietors be called for taking the above proposal into consideration on Saturday the 18^th day of May instant.
Ordered that a Bond be prepared with a Surety to be proposed by Sam^l Smith, for the performance of the Contract of Sam^l Smith for erecting and altering the Brook and Canal Bridges near Ryeford - the Company to pay half the expences thereof.

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