Minutes Wed 3 Jul 1833

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Wed 3 Jul 1833


Special Meeting. Letter from Mr John Higgins Marling of Ebley Mills. Since stopping of course of brook under the canal towards Old Mills, water required for scouring wool supplied by top water of canal flowing into old water course. Water too warm after early morning. Would like a trunk or aqueduct for cool water of brook from reservoir near Ebley Mills to go under canal to the pond of scouring house. A brick aqueduct approved.
Four labourers on canal dispensed with. Work done by contract cheaper. Advertisement to be placed in Gloucester Journal for tender for keeping in repair towing path, banks of canal, removing mud from locks, weeds from canal, for three years.

Verbatim text

At a Special Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Walbridge on Wednesday the 3^rd July 1833
Present: M^ P H Fisher, M^r Cosham, M^r Tho Croome, M^r Jos Fisher, M^r Grazebrook, M^r W^m Jn^o Wood, M^r Sam^l Fisher, M^r Wyatt, M^r Wathen.
A letter from M^r John Higgins Marling of Ebley Mills addressed to the Clerk was read:- wherein M^r Marling mentioned that since the stopping of the course of the old Brook under the Canal towards Old Mills - the water required for Scouring wool thereat has been supplied by the top water of the Canal flowing into the old water course; - and that the Water so flowing from the Canal is found too warm for the Scouring of Wool after the early morning at this Season of the Year; & then suggesting the making of a trunk or aqueduct for conveying the cool water of the Brook from the Resevoir on the new Ebley Mill near thereto under the Canal to the Pond of the Scouring House: - Ordered That an aqueduct be made for the above purpose; and that the same be made of brick.
It being considered probable that the four Laborers now employed on the Canal may be dispensed with, and chief part of the work now done by them be don by Contract at considerable diminished expense to the Company,
Ordered that an Advertisement be inserted in the Gloucester Journal, calling for Tenders for keeling in 'repair' the Towing path and banks of the Canal, and for removing the Mud from the Locks, the weeds from the Canal, etc, etc, - for a period of three years from the 1^st day of September next, and therein referring to our Clerk for further particulars.

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