Minutes Sun 4 Aug 1833

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Sun 4 Aug 1833


George Barham’s tender of £110 for maintaining the canal for 3 years accepted. It includes labour of piling when necessary with the Beetle with two labourers to assist in piling with pile driver not more than one week continuously, to superintend piling himself, supply labourers required by clerk at 2s 6d per day per man.
Notice given to Soloman Cook, Job Guy, William Welsh, Thomas Clarke.
Samuel Smith to be paid for erecting wing wall to new part of canal bridge at Ryeford on north side. Sum not exceeding £8.
Samuel Smith to continue the wall on west side of brook bridge for 40 feet in length, 3 feet high, topped with post and rails at a cost £7 10s.
Samuel Smith to build wall continuing that on north side of canal, 50 feet long, average height 11 feet for £23 10s, with brick parapet and coping.
Mr Martin to supply to Company 8 dozen port wine and 6 dozen sherry.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Walbridge on Tuesday the 4^th Aug^st 1833
Present: M^r Cosham, M^r Jos Fisher, M^r Wood, M^r Croome, M^r Sam^l Fisher, M^r T C Croome, M^r Eycott, M^r Stanton, P H Fisher.
Examined the Books and Accounts of the Company.
Tenders having been presented for keeping in repair the Towing path and banks of the Canal, mudding Locks, etc, in pursuance of the Order of the last Committee meeting -And George Basham having attended and proposed to include in his tender of £110 the doing all the labour of Piling which shall be necessary, where it can be done with the Beatle; and to furnish two labourers to assist in the piling which requires to be done by the Engine call a Pile-driver, for a time not exceeding one week at any continuous job of that nature; and also to superintend the whole of the Bank piling himself, (the piles being brought to the spot for him) and also to supply labour for any purpose when required by the Clerk of the Canal. at the wages of 2^s/6 per day per man -
Ordered that the Tender of George Basham, so amended, be accepted, and an Agreement prepared for him to sign; - the amount to be paid quarterly.
Ordered that notice be given to the Servants of the Company Solomon Cook, Job Guy, William Welsh & Thomas Clarke, of discontinuing the their Services on the 31^st day of August Inst^t.
Samuel Smith having found it necessary to erect a Wing Wall to the new part of the Canal Bridge at Ryeforn on the north side thereof - Ordered that he be paid for the same, not exceeding the Sum of Eight pounds.
Samuel Smith having reported that it will be necessary to continue a wall on the west side of the Brook Bridge 40 feet in length and 3 feet high & to be topped with posts and rails and offered to complete the same for £7.10.0, Ordered that the same be done.
And Samuel Smith having offered to build a wall in continuation of that on the North side of the Canal fifty feet long and of average height of 11 feet for the Sum of £23.10.0 with a brick parapet & coping, Ordered that the same be done.
Ordered that any 3 or 4 gentlemen of the Committee do go down the canal on or about the 23^rd instant to inspect the State of the Canal.
Ordered that M^r Martin do supply to the Company Eight Dozen of Port Wine and Six dozen of Sherry.

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