Minutes Wed 23 Oct 1833

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Wed 23 Oct 1833


Half Yearly General Meeting. Tonnage £3646 0s 6d. Balance after wages, etc, £2419 17s 4d. Dividend of £12 declated.
Mr Richard Martin applied to remove brick bridge at Whitminster, Martin’s Bridge, and erect swivel bridge in lieu. Committee to pay £20 provided he and owners of lands will take on repairs of bridge.
Gloucester & Berkeley Canal Company allowed to take water through Whitminster lock gates. Supply to be discontinued after 1 January unless compensation made.
Securities given by clerks to Company to be examined at next meeting.
Salary of William Purcell to be reduced to £60.
No barge, vessel or boat called a Worcester shall pass through any lock on Navigation without a guard or fender attached to stern to prevent injury to locks. Master or owner to pay 20s for every offence.
Committee to insure buildings thought necessary against fire.

Verbatim text

At a General half Yearly Meeting of the proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the George Inn Stroud on Wednesday the 23^rs day of October 1833
W^m Jn^o Wood Esq^r in the Chair.
The minutes of the last General half Yearly Meeting were read and confirmed.
The several Books and accounts were produced respecting the affairs of the Company (as directed by Act of Parliament) and were examined and confirmed.
It appears from the Accounts that the sum of £3646..0..6 has been received for Tonnage, etc, (including the sum of £622..3..1 which was Ordered at the last General Meeting to be transferred from the Coal Bankers Account to the Treasurers of the Company) from the 14^th day of April to the 12^th day of October instant; a part of which has been applied towards the payment of Wages, disbursments, etc, and that there remains in the Treasurers Hands (after paying the last dividend) the sum of £2419..17..4.
Ordered that a dividend of Twelve Pounds be paid on each Share by the Treasurers on the first day of November next; and that our Clerk do transmit circular Letters to all the Proprietors to inform them that they may draw upon the Treasurer or apply to them for payment of the same.
M^r Richard Martin having applied to the Company to remove the Brick Bridge at Whitminster called Martin's Bridge and to erect a Swivil Bridge in lieu of it, Resolved that the Company will permit him to do so and pay him the Sum of Twenty Pounds on Condition that he and the Owners of the Land for whose accommodation it is erected will from henceforth take upon themselves the repairs of such Bridge and sign such an Agreement for that purpose as shall be prepared, at their Expence, by Mess^Rs Fisher the Solicit to the Company.
It appearing that the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal Company have been accommodated since the twentieth day of May last by being allowed to take Water through the Whitminster Lock Gates,
Ordered that the Supply be discontinued on and after the first Day of January next unless Compensation be made and that the Committee of the Navigation do not Consent to any further Supply of Water passing through this Navigation to the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal without receiving Adequate Compensation.
Ordered that our Clerk do write to the Clerk of the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal Company and communicate this Resolution.
Ordered that the Securities given by the Clerks to the Company be produced at the next Meeting of the Committee to be examined by them.
It having been proposed that the Salary now paid to William Purcell should be reduced to the annual Sum of Sixty Pounds,
Ordered that this question shall be postponed to the consideration of the next general half yearly meeting and that this order be communicated to him.
Ordered that it be enacted as a Bye-law for the good and orderly using of the Stroudwater Navigation that no Barge Vessel or Boat called a Worser using the said Navigation shall pass through any Lock on the same Navigation without having a Guard or Fender attached to the Stern in order to prevent Injury to the Locks and that the Master or Owner of such Vessel shall forfeit and pay the Sum of Twenty Shillings for every Offence, Such Penalties to be recovered in manner directed by the Act of Parliament for regulating this Navigation.
Ordered that the Committee to insure such of the Houses and Buildings belonging to the Company against Fire as they may think requisite on such terms as shall be thought right.
Ordered that the Committee be requested to meet at least once in every month.

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