Minutes Thu 20 Feb 1834

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Thu 20 Feb 1834


Thomas Hanman to leave cottage as he ceased to be a servant of Company. William Organ, Company's carpenter, to move into quitted house.
Job Guy to move from present house at Chippenham Platt to house occupied by William Organ at Dudbridge. Job Guy retained as lock keeper, inspector and repairer of wharfs and generally as servant at 12 shillings per week. Ocupancy of cottage contingent on his remaining in service of Company.
Cottage now occupied by Job Guy to be let to Thomas Critchley, using wharf at Chippenham Platt as vendor of coals.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Walbridge on Thursday the 20^th day of February 1834
Present: M^r Cosham, M^r W J Wood, M^r Jos^h Fisher, M^R P H Fisher, M^r Sam^l Fisher, M^r Croome, M^r F Eycott, M^r T C Croome, M^r Grazebrook, M^r Wyatt.
Examined the Books and Accounts of the Company.
Thomas Hanmand was called in and informed that he must quit the Cottage in which he resides with his earliest convenience, he having ceased to be a Servant of the Company, & his occupancy ceased therefrom. But that on his quitting before Lady day he would not be expected to pay any thing in the nature of rent since he quitted the Service of the Company.
Ordered that when quitted, W^m Organ (the Company's Capenter) shall be placed therein, and that Job Guy shall be removed from his present house at Chippenham's plat to the House now occupited by W^m Organ at Dudbridge, and that Job Guy shall be retained by the Company as Lockkeeper, inspector & repairer of the Wharfs and generally as their Servant, at 12^s/ per week, his occupancy of the Cottage, etc, being contingent on his remaining in the Service of the Company, and to expire with his Service.
Ordered that when the above arrangements are completed, the Cottage now occupied by Job Guy shall be let to Th Crithcley, who uses the Wharf at Chippenhams plat as a Vendor of Coals, and a rent be fixed, & on terms of Tenancy to be settled with him by the Company.

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