Minutes Thu 24 Apr 1834

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Thu 24 Apr 1834


Half Yearly General Meeting. Tonnage £3669 10s 1d. Balance after wages, etc, £3220 5s. Dividend of £16 declared.
Committee for next year: Mr W Cosham, Mr Thomas Croome, Dr Darke, Mr F Eycott, Mr P H Fisher, Mr Samuel Fisher, Mr Joseph Fisher, Mr W Grazebrook, Mr M J Wood, Mr Geo Wathen, Mr H Wyatt, Mr W Stanton, Mr T Croome.
Consent of Company to be given to passing of Act enabling Glocester & Berkeley Canal Company to take supply of water from River Froome through Stroudwater Navigation when approved by Committee.
Mr Joseph Grazebrook responsible to Company for £100 following failure of Thomas Harper for whom he became security. Mr Joseph Watts to decide whether he shall pay any or what of £100 at next Committee meeting.
Clerk to clear out vessel ‘Triumph’, owner C Twine, on payment of tonnage.
Purcell’s salary to be continued at present sum.

Verbatim text

At a General Half Yearly Meeting of the Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the George Inn Stroud on Thursday the 24^th day of April 1834
M^r Holbrow Esq^r in the Chair.
The Minutes of the last General half yearly Meeting were read and confirmed.
The several Books & accounts were produced respecting the affairs of the Company (as directed by Act of Parliament) and were examined and confirmed.
It appears by the Accounts that the sum of £3669..19..1 has been received for Tonnage, etc, from the 12 day of October 1833 to the 12^th day of April Instant; a part of which has been applied toawards the payment of Wages, disbursments, etc, & that there remains in the Treasurers Hands (after paying the last Dividend) the sum of £3220..5..0.
Ordered that a dividend of Sixteen Pounds be paid on each Share by the Treasurer on the first day of May next; and that our Clerk do transmit circular Letters to all the Proprietors to inform them that they may draw upon the Treasurers or apply to them for payment of the same.
The following Gentlemen are appointed a Committee for the ensuing Year:
M^r Cosham, M^r Tho^s Croome, D^r Darke, P H Fisher, Sam^l Fisher, Joseph F Fisher, M^r Grazebrook, W^m J Wood, Geo Wathen, H^y Wyatt, W Stanton, T C Croome,
Ordered that the Consent of this Company to the passing of the Act now in progress through parliament for enabling the Gloucester & Berkeley Canal Company to take a Supply of Water from the River Froome through the Stroudwater Navigation be given, when the same shall be approved by the Committee, by affixing the Seal of this Company to the same or otherwise as shall be necessary to testify such Consent.
It having been suggested to the Proprietors assembled that M^r Joseph Grazebrook has become responsible to the Company in the Sum of £100 in consequence of the failure of Tho^s Harper for whom he became security,
Resolved by the consent of M^r Grazebrook that it be referred to M^r Joseph Watts to decide whether M^r Grazebrook shall pay any & if any what part of the said £100 & that M^r Watts be requested to attend the next Committee meeting for that purpose.
Ordered that our Clerk do clear out the Vessel Successful owner C Twine on payment of the Tonnage.
Having considered the resolution of the last general Half yearly meeting as to Purcell's salary, Ordered that the same be continued at the present sum.

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