Minutes Fri 19 Jan 1844

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Fri 19 Jan 1844


Covering of ice boat with iron suspended until next winter.
Part of warehouse at Bristol Road to be converted into house for a servant of the Company. Rent of £5 per annum. Outlay less than £40.
Mr Mason to pay Mrs Smith 10 shillings for lime.
James Nurse allowed to land coals at Wallbridge free of wharfage.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room Wallbridge on Friday the 19th day of January 1844
Present: M^r Hen^y Beard Chairman, P H Fisher, J F Fisher, Sam^l Fisher, Geo Wahten, Jn^o Holbrow, Martin, Fred^c Eycott, H^y Wyatt.
[Ice boat _not_ be ironed] The winter Season being so far advanced, Order'd that the covering the Ice Boat with Iron as directed by the last Committee Meeting be suspended until the approach of next winter.
Order'd that part of the Warehouse at Bristol Road Wharf be converted into a Dwelling house on the plan exhibited by M^r Mason and produced to this Meeting, a house being required at that place for one of the Servants of the Company for which a rent of £5 per and can be obtained at a probable outlay of less than £40 still leaving sufficient Warehouse room.
M^rs Smith having applied for an additional Sum of Lime bought off her by M^r Mason above the amound paid,
Order'd that M^r Mason do pay her 10^s/ accordingly.
Order'd (in reference to the prosecutions for frauds directed at the last Committee Meeting) that the Solicitor do by letter inform the parties who have offended, That proceedings will be commenced against them unless they wait on M^r Mason at the Canal Office, Wallbridge and arrange the same with him on tuesday next at 10 O'Clock.
Order'd that a Special Committee be held on the 26th day of Jan^y Inst to take into consideration what shall be done by them preparatory to final directions as to those prosecutions.
Order'd that Ja^s Nurse be allowed to land his Coals at Wallbridge Wharf free of Wharfage.
Ordered that the following Bills be paid:
Will Savory: £2..19..8
Jn^o M^cLachlan: 2..9..6
W^m Harrison: 2..1..3
T Tuffley & C^o: 9..6..-
Jos Watts: 3..12..-
J B Brisley: 10..7..3
B Bucknall: ..15..3
Cliff & C^o: 1..4..-
B Mills: 17..4..-
M^r Mason: 35..19..-
Jn^o Burbidge: 10 --

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