Minutes Fri 26 Jan 1844

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Fri 26 Jan 1844


Special Meeting. Mr William Playne’s application for reduction of tonnage on timber and coal not allowed.
Messrs Biddle & Bishop’s application to have lyeby at Lodgemore extended at Company’s expense of £6 10s allowed.
Henry Field to pay £7 3s 3d for deficient tonnage and promissory note to Treasurer for £10.
Geo Williams paid his deficient tonnage of £1 5s 5d and £2 10s penalty. Residue of penalty remitted.
George Nurse paid his deficient tonnage of 19 shillings. Penalty reduced to £1.
Sims & Company paid £4 7s 2d. Penalty of £5 accepted.
Charles Bosley to pay £3 3s 9d and fine of £5.
Offer to John George of £37 for weighing machine accepted.

Verbatim text

At a Special Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held (in pursuance of the resolution of the 19th Inst_ at the Committee Room at Wallbridge January 26th 1844
Present: M^r J F Fisher, Sam Fisher, T C Croome, Jn^o Holbrow, Martin - Chairman, Geo Wathen, Wyatt, Beard, P H Fisher.
[Playne's application] The application of M^r Will^m Playne relative to a reduction on the tonnage of his Timber and Coal having been considered, it is not deem'd expedient to make any alteration for the present and that our Clerk do write to M^r Playne to that effect.
[Biddle's lyeby] Mess^rs Biddle & Bishop having applied to have the Lyeby at Lodgemore extended at the expense of the Company for the purpose of extending the trade of Mess^rs Biddel & Bishop, and M^r Mason having reported that the expense would be about £6..10. and it being the opinion of this Meeting that it would be for the benefit of the Proprietors by increasing the amount of tonnage.
Order'd that the same be done as soon as convenient.
The Cases of Frauds having been taken into consideration.
Order'd that Henry Field be allow'd to settle the matter on payment of the deficient tonnage £7..3..3 and giving a promissory Note to the Treasurer for £10.
Geo WIlliams having already paid his deficient tonnage £1..5..5 and also £2..10 in part of the penalty and certain mitigating circumstances in his case appearing to the Meeting,
Order'd that the residue of the penalty be remitted.
George Nurse having paid his deficient tonnage 19^s/,
Order'd that the penalty be reduced to One pound and whihc he paid accordingly.
Sims & C^o having paid their deficient tonnage £4..7..2. Ordered that the penalty of £5 be accepted.
Order'd that in the case of Cha^s Bosley, the amount of his deficient tonnage £3..3..9 be accepted on payment of a fine of £5.
M^r Mason reported that the offer made to Jn^o George of £37 for the Weighing Machine had been accepted.
Order'd that the following sums be paid:
Half year's Income Tax due Oct 10th 1843: £69..14..2 + 1..3..4 = 70^£..17^s..6^d
Jn^o Mills for hauling: 1..18..-
Cha^s Hawker for Half yearly dinner Oct 27th 1843: 7..12..5

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