Minutes Fri 16 Feb 1844

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Fri 16 Feb 1844


Mr William Playne again applied for reduction in tonnage of converted timber which is greater than on round timber. Worcester & Birmingham Canal Co have made considerable reduction on charges. Drawback of 1s 8d per ton from Dudbridge and 1s 10d from Wallbridge on present tonnage of 3s 6d per ton.
Frederick Nurse’s offer to rent two houses and garden at Dudbridge Wharf at yearly rent of £33 accepted.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room on friday the 16th day of February 1844
Present: M^r Hughes, Holbrow, Sam Fisher, Jos F Fisher, Martin Chairman, H Beard, Wyatt, Wathen, P H Fisher.
[Playne application] M^r Will^m Playne having again applied for a reduction in the Tonnage of Converted Timber and it appearing that the charge for Tonnage for Converted Timber is greater in proportion that on Round Timber and that since the Resolution at the Meeting of the last Committee on M^r Playne's application, the Worcester and Birmingham Canal Company have made a considerable reduction on their charges:
[Drawback to Playne] Resolved, that for the future a Drawback of One Shilling and eight pence per Ton on the present tonnage of Three Shillings and two pence be allow'd from Dudbridge Wharf and of One Shilling and ten pence per Tone from Wallbridge Whar on the present tonnage of Three Shillings and sixpence per Ton and that our Clerk do inform M^r Playne of this resolution.
M^r Hawker reported that the following Sums have been received for Fines and Tonnage agreeable to the Resolutions of the last Meeting:
George Nurse: Fine 1^£ + Tonnage ..19.. = £1..19..-
Sims & C^o: Fine 5..- + Tonnage 4..7..2 = 9..7..2
Cha^s Bosley: Fine 5..- + Tonnage 3..3..9 = 8..3..9
In addition to the former Sum paid at the last meeting, viz:
Geo Williams: Fine 2..10 + Tonnage 1..5..5 = 3..15..5
Fred^k Nurse having made an offer in writing to rent of this Company the Two Houses and Garden connected with the Dudbridge Wharf at the yearly rent of £33 payable quarterly to commence for Dec^r 25th 1843,
Resolved that his Offer be accepted.
Order'd that the following Accounts be paid:
Fred^k Eycott for Rent of Gravel Pit: 10..-..-
Jn^o Moseley for Elm Timber: 10..-..10
Dan Hewlett for painting & plumbingL 2..5..-
Cha^s Hawker 1 Quarters Salary: 20..-..-
Dan Hoskins: 1..19..-
Jn^o George for Weighing Machine at Dud^b: 32..-..-

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