Minutes Fri 15 Mar 1844

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Fri 15 Mar 1844


Letter from Mr Willson, agent, and Mr Lane, clerk, of Thames & Severn Canal Co, in respect to weight and tonnage of bricks and converted timber are in violation of section 63 of one of their Acts of Parliament. Regulations designed by Company to secure continuation in trade in bricks on both canals. Thames & Severn Canal Co have solicited drawbacks in several cases, admitted necessity of controlling effect of clauses where trade in danger.
Necessity of Company being provided with tools necessary for raising lock gates and other purposes. Double function crab offered by Mr Montagu at 16 guineas to be ordered.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room Wallbridge on friday March 15th 1844
Present: M^r Stanton, M^r Martin, M^r S Fisher, M^r Jos Fisher, M^r Beard Chariman, M^r Wathen, M^r Holbrow, M^r P H Fisher, M^r Wyatt, M^r Hughes, M^r Cosham.
Letters having been read from M^r Willson agent and M^r Lane Clerk of the Thames and Severn Canal Company (under dates of 8th and 14th Inst) complaining of the late regulations of this Company in respect to the Weight and Tonnage of Bricks and converted Timber which they alledge is in violation of the 63rd section of one of their Acts of Parliament 23rd of George 3rd.
Ordered that M^r Mason do wait on M^r Willson and represent that the regulations were designed by this Company as a means of securing a continuation of the trade in Bricks on both Canals, which (but for some abatement in the parliamentary tonnage) is in danger of being lost.
That the Thames and Severn Canal Company have (be soliciting Drawbacks in several cases) admitted the necessity of controlling the effect of the Clause alluded to in cases where the trade was in danger and that the plan adopted as to Bricks and Converted Timber or some other satisfactory plan cannot be carried out, it only remains for this Company to restore the the old Tonnage on Bricks and so endanger the continuance of the trade.
Order;d that our Clerk do reply to M^r Lane's letter stating that we have directed an interview with M^r Willson on the subject.
Ordered that the following Bills were paid:
Paul Tuffly
Cha^s Hooper: 3..16..-
H^y Dangerfield: -..9..-
Ben Mills: 3..18..2
J Critchley: 1..15..4
M^rs Hicks: 4..10..7
J Burbidge: 11..-..-
M^r Mason: 37..10..-
M^r Mason having represented the necessity of the Company being provided with Tools necessary for raising Lock Gates and for other purposes,
[Cost ordered] Resolved that the Double function Crab offered by M^r Montague at 16 Guineas be order'd.
Resolved that the next General Half Yearly Meeting be fixed for the 26h April next.

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