Minutes Tue 26 Mar 1844

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Tue 26 Mar 1844


Special Meeting. Mr Willson, agent to Thames & Severn Canal Co, attended and stated unless Company strictly enforced wharfage of 3d per ton, their company would abandon wharfage at their wharfs. Usual wharfage of 3d per ton on materials left on our wharf at Wallbridge beyond 24 hours to be enforced.
Mr Willson renewed complaint as to mode of charging tonnage on bricks. Regulation of 3 August 1843 to be rescinded. Tonnage of 2s 6d to be restored.
Tonnage on converted timber not in violation of section 63 of Thames & Severn Canal Act.

Verbatim text

At a Special Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 26th day of March 1844
Present: M^r Jos Fisher, M^r S^l Fisher, M^r Stanton, M^r Holbrow, M^r Beard Chairman, M^r Croome, M^r Wathen, M^r P H Fisher, M^r Wyatt, M^r Hughes.
M^r Willson, Agent to the Thames and Severn Canal Company having attended and stated that unless our Company strictly enforced the Wharfage of Three pence per Ton, their Company would abandon their Wharfage at their Wharfs.
Ordered, that the usual Wharfage of Three pence per Ton on Materials left on our Wharf at Wallbridge beyond the period of Twenty four hours, be enforced.
M^r Willson having renewed his complaint as to our present mode of charging the tonnage on Bricks,
Ordered that the Regulation of the Committee of the 3rd Augt 1843 and confirmed by the Committee of the 18h Augt 1843 as to the mode of charging tonnage on Bricks, be rescinded and that the tonnage of Two Shillings and sixpence as previously charged, be restored.
But having taken into consideration the complaint of M^r Willson in his letter of Mch 8th as to our present mode of charging Tonnage on Converted Timber from our Walbridge Wharf as being in violation of the 63rd Section of the Thames and Severn Canal Act,
We do not perceive that the same is in Violation of the said Section and
Ordered that M^r WIllson be informed of the above Resolutions and of our opinions as to the question of Converted Timber, but requesting him to reconsider the point and to state to our Clerk his reasons for thinking it (if he should still thing it to be a violation) assuring him that the attention of the Committee shall be immediately call'd to a reconsideration of the question on their part.
Ordered, that the Committee Meeting and General Meetings to be held at 1 o'Clock instead of 2 o'Clock, in future.
Ordered that the following Accounts be paid
Geo Williams: £7..16
Will^m Montague: £16

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