Minutes Fri 19 Apr 1844

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Fri 19 Apr 1844


Letter from Mr Hunt requesting wall of the Rack Leaze be repaired. Mr Snowden, his landlord, released Navigation from burden of maintaining wall.
Letter from Messrs T & S S Marling. Brick culvert conveying water to wool washing house on north side of canal out of repair so water is prevented from passing to washing house from stream on south side of Navigation. Repair when canal is out at Whitsuntide.
Mr Durden likely to have large quantity of cord wood from Forest of Dean. Request for terms of tonnage bring it up Navigation. Drawback to reduce rate of tonnage to 1s 8d per ton at Wallbridge and, for equal tonnage, 4d per ton at Dudbridge, depending on quantity.
One pen at Wallbridge to be let to Mr Durden, £5 per annum.
Copy of Messrs Thomas & S S Marling’s letter.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Friday the 19th fay of April 1844
Presetn: M^r Cosham, M^r Wathen, M^r Wyatt, M^r S Fisher, M^r Jos^h Fisher, M^r P H Fisher, M^r Martin, M^r Beard, M^r Hughes, M^r Holbrow, M^r Croome.
A Letter from M^r W^m Hunt received a few days ago (but dated 13th March probably by mistake for 13th April) having been read requesting the Wall of the Rack Leaze in his occupation be repaired by this Company.
Ordered that M^r Hunt be informed that M^r Snowden his Landlord has released the Navigation Company from the burden of maintaining the Wall.
A Letter being read from Mess^r Tho^s & S S Marling dated the 13th Inst stating that the small brick Culvert which conveys the water from the stream on the South side of the Navigation under the Canal towards their Wool Washing house on the North side of the Canal is out of repair, whereby (when the Canl is out) the water is prevented from passing to the Washing house and requesting the same to be repaired.
Ordered that the same be repaired when the Canal shall be out at Whitsun tide.
Ordered that Mess^r Marlings letter be preserved and copied.
M^r Durden attended and represented that he is likely to have a large quantity of Cord Wood to be brought from the Forest of Dean and is desirous to ascertain on what terms as to tonnage the Wood could be brought up this Navigation.
Ordered that such a Drawback be allowed on such Cord Wood as may be brought up the Canal on account of M^r Durden to Dudbridge or Wallbridge as will reduces the Statute rate of tonnage thereon to One Shilling and eightpence per Ton at Wallbridge and to the sum of Fourpence per Ton at Dudbridge for so many tons as shall be _there_ landed equal to the quantity of tons which shall be landed at Wallbridge, but that if a greater quantity shall be landed at Dudbridge than at Wallbridge, such extra quantity shall be reduced by the Drawback to only to the sum of One Shilling per Ton.
Ordered that one Pen at Wallbridge be let to M^r Durden at the sum of Five pounds per annum from the 25th March last.
Ordered that the following Accounts be paid:
Price & C^o: £1..7..8
Will^m Bishop: 9..14..6
W^m Moss: ..8..-

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