Minutes Wed 1 May 1844

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Wed 1 May 1844


Letter from Mr Charles Shearman containing resolutions from meeting at Osborne’s Hotel, Adelphi, London. Resolutions and a copy of the Bill proposed to be submitted to parliament requested.

Verbatim text

Committee Room Wallbridge May 1st 1844
The following Gentlemen of the Committee having heard of the receipt of a letter from M^r Charles Shearman dated 29th Ulto but received the 1st of May, assembled at the Committee Room at the request of the Clerk to take the same into consideration as an answer as required by return post.
M^r W^m J Wood in the Chair, John Holbrow, Wil^m Fryer, Jn^o Gurney, G H A Beard, Dan^l Watts.
The following letter was directed to be sent to M^r Shearman in Reply:
Canal Office Wallbridge May 1st 1844
To M^r Cha^s Shearman
Osborne's Hotel, Adelphi, London
I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 29^th Ulto containing the Resolutions come to at a Meeting of Gentlemen interested in certain Navigations, held at Osborne's Hotel on that day.
I have called together today as many of the Committee of our Navigation as such short notice would allow of (not having received the letter until this morning) but as such meeting is not strictly legal these Gentlemen do not feel themselves authorised to send a deputation to your meeting tomorrow, altho' at the same time they agree generally in the sentiments contained in the resolution.
The usual Meeting of our Committee will take place on Tuesday next, and the Gentlemen who assembled today have desired me to request that you will favor me with a copy of the resolutions which may be come to at the meeting at Osbornes Hotel tomorrow and also a copy of the Bill proposed to be submitted to Parliament. These shall be submitted to our Committee on the above named day and your shall hear again from me.
Cha^s Hawker.

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