Minutes Tue 7 May 1844

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Tue 7 May 1844


No response from Mr Sheraman. Parliamentary agent to be asked to supply copy of any Bill.
Edwin Bucknall and Thomas King claimed shares nos.9,94, will of John Gardner.
Mr Warman complained about damage to bridge at Ebley in consequence of Mr Marling’s bridge being so near. Clerk to ascertain arrangement between Mr Marling and Company.
Mr Eycott, Mr Beard and Mr Fryer to supervise progress on Mr Organ’s house.
Mr Mason to keep stock book with ccount of all timber, stone, bricks and other materials of Company used for repairs.
Labour and wages book to be produced at every General Committee Meeting.
Samuel Dunn, steerer of boat ‘Jane’ rendered false account of tonnage on 23 April to Burbidge, clerk at Framilode. Defrauded Company of 4s 7d on two tons and a half. Clerk to write to James Byatt, owner of vessel, demanding payment. £2 penalty if not paid by next committee meeting.
No further need of services of William Musty as wharfinger after Saturday 18 May. Salary of 15 shillings to cease from that time.
William Daniels wages to be reduced to 13s per week and J Clark to 11s per week.
Lock gates at Dudbridge and Bristol Road to be put into proper repair.
Mr Wood, Mr Fryer and Mr Gurney to decide whether brick or iron shall be used at Mr Marling’s culvert.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 7th day of May 1844
Present: M^r Martin, M^r Wood, M^r Fryer, M^r Gurney, M^r Beard, M^r Watts.
The Minutes of the Meeting of May 1st were read, and the Clerk reported that no answer had been received to his letter of May 1st from M^r Shearman.
Ordered that a Parliamentary Agent be written to to furnish a Copy of any Bill that may be brought into Parliament.
Edwin Bucknall of Stroud in the County of Glocester Shopkeeper attended and made out the claim of himself and Thomas King of Dudbridge in the County of Glocester Yeoman to Two Shares N^os 9 & 94 in the Undertaking of the Stroudwater Navigation standing in the name of John Gardner of Dudbridge in the County of Glocester, Gentleman the said Thomas King and Edwin Bucknall being the Executors of the said John Gardner and the said Edwin Bucknall produced the Probate of the Will of the said John Garner, bearing date the 27th day of March 1844 granted out of and under the Seal of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
Ordered that such claim be admitted.
[90 yds from Bridge to ? ? ? 30] M^r Warman attended and complained as to the damage done to his Bridge at Ebley in consequence of M^r Marling's Bridge being so near his.
Ordered that our Clerk do search the Minutes of former Meetings and correspondence to ascertain the arrangement between M^r Marling and the Company and that the case shall be considered at the next meeting.
Ordered that M^r Fred^k Eycott, M^r hen^y Beard and M^r Fryer be a SubCommittee for the purpose of carrying out the Resolutions of the last General Meeting of the Proprietors regarding Organ's house at Chippenham Plat in the best manner they shall deem fit and to report progress from time to time to the General Committee Meeting.
Ordered that M^r Mason do keep a Stock Book containing an account of all Timber, Stone, Brick and other Materials belonging to the Company used for repairs shewing the Stock in hand at the present time and also an account of all such Materials which may be purchased from time to time together with the application thereof and where used.
Ordered that M^r Mason do keep a Labour and Wages Book in the form now produced.
Ordered that M^r Mason do produce all books kept by him and belonging to the Company at every General Committee Meeting.
M^r Mason having reported that Samuel Dunn the Steerer of the Boat Jane had rendered a false account to Burbidge our Clerk at Framilode of the Tonnage of such boat on the 23rd April last whereby he had defrauded the Company of 4^s/7^d tonnage on two tons and a half,
Ordered that our Clerk do write to James Byatt the owner of the Vessel demanding payment of the said sum of 4/7 and also informing him that the Company expect payment of the sum of Two pounds as a penalty for such fraud and unless such sum be paid before the next Committee Meeting the Company will take proceedings for the recovery of the tonnage and Five pounds the full amount of penalty.
Ordered that M^r Mason do communicate to Will^m Husty that the Company have no further need of his Services as Wharfinger after Saturday the 18th Inst and that his Salary of fifteen shillings per week do cease from that time.
Ordered that Will^m Daniels Wages be reduced to 13/ per week and J Clack to 11/ per week.
Ordered that the Canal be stopped for 8 days at Whitsuntide and that due notice be given thereof.
Ordered that the Lock Gates at Dudbridge and Bristol Road be put into proper repair.
Ordered that M^ Hawker's Bond with his Sureties be prepared by the next Committee Meeting.
Order'd That it be referred to M^r Wood, M^r Fryer and M^r Gurney to determine whether Brick or Iron shall be used at M^r Marlings Culvert.
Ordered that the future Meetings of the Committee be held on the third Monday of every month, the next meeting to take place on the third Monday in May.
Ordered that the following Bills be paid:
Tho^s Harrison: 3..14..-
Ja^s Giles: 1..12..-
S Critchley: ..15..2
Jn^o Andrews: 2..7..9
J^no M^c Lacklan: 12..17..9
Price & C^o: 1..5..6
C Hawker (for Dinner): 8..10..1
Is^h East: 1..2..-

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