Minutes Mon 17 Jun 1844

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Mon 17 Jun 1844


Agreed to subscribe £5 towards the expenses of an Act regarding canal tonnages. Ordered the solicitor to try getting certain clauses in an Act regarding our treaty with the T&S Canal Co.
Ordered that Mr Davies bridge be inspected and put in order.
Mr Mason reported that lock gates at the Foundry and Double Lock had not been repaired. Piling and posts and chains near the culvert at Lockham Bridge were in progress.
Ordered the Sub-committee to make further enquiries about the swivel bridge at Stonehouse and that all parties not legally authorized to use it be stopped.
A letter from Mr Clegram of the Gloucester & Berkeley Canal Co asking to deposit mud in our old channels at the Junction was agreed.
Tenders for the repair of the canal were read, and the Clerk was ordered to write to each person saying his tender was not accepted.
Testimonials from different persons as Surveyor were produced and some appeared. Mr Sherwood was elected Clerk.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday the 17th day of June 1844
Present: M^R Geo Wathen, Jn^o Gurney, Rich^d Martin, Jn^o Holbrow, W^m J Wood Chairman, Jn^o Stanton, Dan^l Watts.
The Minutes of the Meeting of the 20th May last were read and confirmed.
M^r Hawker produced five letters from M^r Shearman one of which enclosed _an Act_ which is proposed to pass thro' Parliament regarding Canal Tonnages and requesting a subscription of £5 towards payment of the expenses of passing such Act.
Ordered that such subscription be paid accordingly.
Ordered that our Solicitor do take such steps towards getting certain clauses inserted _in the Act_ of Parliament regarding oru treaty with the Thames and Severn Canal Company and otherwise as shall be deemed advisable.
A letter having been read from M^r Davies regarding his Bridge,
Ordered that such Bridge be again inspected and put in order.
Ordered that M^r Davies be written accordingly.
The Minutes of the 27^th May were read and confirmed.
M^r Mason reported that the Lock Gates at the Foundry and the Double Lock Gates had not been repaired, that the Piling and the Posts and Chains near the Culvert at Lockham Bridge were in progress.
M^r Gurney reported that a letter had been writtend to a Miss Bradstock regarding the Swivel bridge at Stonehouse and that an answer had been received fro Mess^rs Croome and Harris; upon such answer being read,
Ordered that the Sub Committee do make further enquiries regarding the subject and that all parties not legally authorised to use such road be stopped.
M^r Martin reported as to his and M^R Gurneys interview with the Glocester and Berkeley Canal Committee and a letter from M^r Clegram was produced on the subject.
Ordered that the same be again referred to M^r Martin and M^r Gurney.
M^r Gurney mentioned a wish expressed by the Glocester and Berkeley Canal Company to deposit their Mud in our old Channel at the Junction.
Ordered that such permission be given to them until they received notice to the Contrary.
The different Tenders for Repairs of the Canal being read,
Ordered that our Clerk do write to each party saying that is Tender is not accepted.
Adjourned to after the General Meeting.

The Testimonials from different persons as Surveyors were produced and some appeared.
M^r Sherwood was elected Clerk at the Salary of £80 a year to pay Rates and Taxes for the House intended for his residence at Chippenham Plat, but no rent, and three calender months notice to quit at any time of the year on either side. His Clerkship to commence on 25th June Ins^t.
Ordered that the Under bill be paid:
Rob^t Miles: £13..3..-

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