Minutes Mon 15 Jul 1844

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Mon 15 Jul 1844


Mr Gurney and Mr Wathen attended meeting to Committee of Canal Proprietors in London to arrange insertion of a clause relating to our relationship with the T&S Canal. Seal of Company to be fixed to petition to House of Commons in favour of Bill.
Mr Sherwood reported Mr Davies’ bridge partly repaired, workable order. Lock gates at Foundry repaired but not gates at Double Lock. Post and chains near culvert at Lockham Bridge complete.
Mr Golder of Gloucester, watchmaker, surety for Mr Sherwood.
Mr Mason to be paid £3 for papering two rooms at Organ’s house.
Mr Clark’s house at Stonehouse Wharf and the dock culvert to be repaired.
Explanation required as to why Mrs Hicks had cut a channel from canal to her house.
Mr Howell complained about water at Eastington overflowing road.
Bristol Railway Co. using water at Ocean. Subcommittee to review.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday the 15th day of July 1844
Present: M^r Holbrow, Gurney, Watts, Fryer, Beard Chairman, Jn^o Stanton, Wood.
The Minutes of the last Meeting were read and confirmed.
M^r Gurney reported that in accordance with the Resolution of the last Meeting, he had, on the behalf of M^r Wathen attended the Committee of the Canal Proprietors at Osborne's Hotel regarding the Canal Bill now before Parliament, that he had obtained the insertion of a Clause which would enable this Company to come to arrangements with the Thames and Severn Canal but that at present it was doubtful whether such Bill would pass this Session.
Two letters were also read from M^r Shearman and in accordance with a request contained in them the Seal of the Company was ordered to be fixed to a Petition to the House of Commons in favor of such Bill.
M^r Sherwood reported that M^r Davis's bridge had been in part repaired and that it was in workable order. That he had repaired the Lock Gates at the Foundry but had done nothing as to the Gates at the Double Lock. That the Posts and Chains near the Culvert at Lockham Bridge were complete.
M^r Hawker produced a letter from the Glocester and Berkeley Canal Committee returning thanks for the permission granted them at the last meeting.
M^r Sherwood name M^r Jn^o Golder of Glocester Watchmaker as his Security.
Ordered that the usual Bond be prepared.
Ordered that an Advertisement calling a Special Meeting of the Proprietors for the 19th August next at 2 O'Clock in the afternoon be inserted in each of the Glocester Papers once and a copy sent by Circulars to each of the Proprietors.
Proposed by M^r Stanton and seconded by M^r Holbrow:
That M^r Mason be paid £3 for papering two rooms of Organ's House.
Pro: M^r Stanton, M^r Holbrow, M^r Fryer, M^r Beard.
Con: M^r Gurney, M^r Wood, M^r Watts.
Ordered that Clark's house at Stonehouse Wharf and the Dock Culvert be put in repair.
M^r Sherwood reported that M^rs Hicks had cut a Channel from the Canal to her house.
Ordered that M^r Sherwood do call on M^rs Hicks and request an explanation.
A letter being read from M^r Howell complaining of the water at Eastington overflowing the road,
Ordered that steps be taken to remedy it.
M^r Sherwood reported that the Bristol Railway Company were using the water at the Ocean.
Ordered that M^r Fryer, M^r Beard and M^r Gurney be a Sub Committee to enquire into the matter and take such steps as should be deemed advisable.
Ordered that the following Bills be paid:
M^r Mason: 55^3..19^s..-^d, Martin & C^o: 18..9..-
Budnall: 1..2..3, Wansbrough & C^o: 1..5..6
Geo Nurse: ..11..10, Wright & Dain: 1..1..-
Dickerson: ..12..8, Drawback: 3..4..4
Adams: 1..10..9, Wathen & C^o: 34..9..10
Ferrabee: 8..5..2, Burcher: 2..3..-
James: 1..12..9, Build^s Com^y: 40..-..-
Carpenter & C^o: 3..12..-, C Hawker Exp: 6..8..6
Income Tax: 70..17.6, Jn^o Burbidge Inspecting Canal: 10..-..-

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