Minutes Mon 19 Aug 1844

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Mon 19 Aug 1844


Canal Companies Bill postponed.
Channel for conveying water from canal to Mrs Hicks’ house stopped up.
William Burcher to be paid 15s in addition to £2 3s.
Considerable quantity of mudding to be done and towing paths required repairing.
Contract to be made for raising 200 tons of gravel.
Mr Martin to meet Mr Sherwood at George Perry’s house at Whitminster and order what may be necessary to put it in proper repair, and any other houses of Company in area. Mr Watts and Mr Eycott to inspect houses at Dudbridge.
Samuel Phillips to be fined 10s for refusing to show ticket and not having name on boat.
James Nurse to settle his account for tonnage first week in every month.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday the 19th day of August 1844
Present: M^r Jn^o Stanton, Fryer, Dan Watts, Martin, G A Beard Chairman, Gurney, Holbrow, Wood, Eycott.
M^r Gurney reported that the Canal Companies Bill had been postponed for another Session and produced a letter from M^r Shearman to that effect.
M^r Gurney reported that M^r Sherwood's Bond had not yet been engrossed but that it should be executed by the next Meeting.
M^r Sherwood reported that Clarks house at Stonehouse was under repait.
M^r Sherwood reported that he had called on M^rs Hicks but she was out and that the Channel for Conveying the Water from the Canal had been stopp'd up.
Ordered that Will^m Burcher be paid Fifteen Shillings in addition to the £2..3..- ordered to be paid him at the last Meeting.
Ordered that all Bills, including Solicitors, be brought in at the next Committee Meeting.
M^r Sherwood reported that a considerable quantity of Mudding was necessary to be done and that the Towing paths required repairing.
Ordered that he do proceed first with the Mudding.
Ordered that M^r Sherwood do contract for raising about 200 Ton of Gravel.
Ordered that M^r Martin be requested to meet M^r Sherwood at George Perry's house at Whitminster and order what may be necessary to put such house in proper repair.
Ordered that he do the same with respect to any of the other houses belonging to the Company in his neighbourhood, ot of repair.
Ordered that M^r Watts and M^r Eycott do inspect the houses at Dudbridge.
Ordered that Lemuel Phillips be fined 10/ for refusing to shew his Ticket and for not having the name on the boat.
Moved by M^r Wood and seconded by M^r Martin that James Nurse be requested to settle his Account for tonnage the first week of every month, or if he wish a longer credit, intimation be given him that security will be required.
Amendment moved by M^r Gurney that the consideration of credit being given to any one be postponed to the next meeting.
Seconded by M^r Holbrow and carried.
Order'd that the following Bills be paid:
Trustees of the late Sir Geo Paul: 4^£..8^s..1^d
T & S Budding: 15..18..3
Sam Critchley: 3..7..9
Dan Hoskins: 12..17..3
W^m Bishop: 13..2..7
Will^m Rees Jun^r: 12..4..-
J P Brisley: 6..1..11
Tho^s Lediard: 7..17..-
Cliffe & C^o: 1..16..-
Cha^s Hawker's Salary: 20..-..-
Building Committee: 25..14..-
Tho^s Spire: 1..7..-
Will^m Bishop: 1..8..6
Jn^o Ferrabee: 2..16..7
Jn^o Andrews: ..14..5
Tho^s Howell: 1..6..8
Gubb: ..10..1
Budding: ..7..-
Tho^s Clark: ..-..6
Total: 151..9..10

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