Minutes Mon 16 Sep 1844

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Mon 16 Sep 1844


Samuel Phillips paid 10 shilling fine.
Accounts of every trader on canal to be produced at every Committee Meeting.
Mr Hewlett received £2 for papering two rooms at house at Chippenham Platt. Mr Mason repaid £1.
Mr Willson, agent for Thames & Severn Canal Co, submitted proposition of drawback of 4d per ton on all coals to any place below Siddington Lock and 6d per ton on all coals taken into Wilts & Berks Canal on condition that Thames & Severn Canal Co reduce tonnage to 1s 8d and Wilts & Berks to same.
Mr Close applied for payment for repair of boat used by Mr Mason.
Richard Moffat’s petition for subscription towards raising his vessel declined.
Notice to Sam Adams to quit house at Wallbridge on 25 March.
Mr Sherwood to give William Musty a month’s verbal notice to quit.
Application to Mr Ravenhill for payment of rent due for part of Stonehouse Wharf. Measures to be taken to distrain timber lying on wharf.
Mr Hyatt and Mr Charles Bosley proposed rates of tonnage on goods brought from Bristol.
Complaint by Jas Nurse against William Hooper for neglect of duty. To be reprimanded and admonished.
William Organ incompetent in duty as carpenter. Service to be dispensed with 12 October.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at the Wallbridge on Monday the 16th day of Sept 1844
Present: M^r Dan Watts, Jn^o Stanton, G H A Beard, Jn^o Holbrow, W^m J Wood Chairman, Geo Wathen, Rich^d Martin.
M^r Wathen produced M^r Sherwoods Bond which was given to him to examine and to be produced executed at the Meeting.
M^r Sherwoood reported that he was proceeding with the Mudding.
M^r Watts reported that M^r Eycott and himself had not yet inspected the Houses at Dudbridge.
Lamuel Phillips has been fined Ten Shillings which he has paid.
Order'd that the Accounts of every Trader on the Canal whether of Coal, Corn or any other article be produced at every Committee Meeting.
M^r Fryer reported at the last Committee Meeting (which was omitted to be noticed) that the charge of Three pounds made by M^r Mason for papering two rooms at the house at Chippenham Plat was incorrect as M^r Fryer had ascertained that M^r Hewlett had received only Two pounds for the same.
M^r Hawker reported that M^r Mason had repaid the one pound.
M^r Willson Agent to the Thames & Severn Canal Company attended and submitted a proposition for the consideration of the Committee to allow a Drawback of fourpence per Ton on all Coals carried to any place below Siddington Lock and a Drawback of Sixpence per Ton on all Coals into the Wilts and Berks Canal on condition that the Thames and Severn Canal Company reduce their Tonnage to One Shilling and eight pence and the Wilts and Berks to the Wilts and Berks to the same sum.
M^r Close made application for payment for the repair of his boat used sometime since by M^r Mason. Enquiry to be made.
A Petition from Rich^d Miller was read soliciting a subscription towards raising his Vessel, which was declined.
Ordered that a proper Notice be given to Sam^l Adams to quit his house at Wallbridge on Mch 25th next.
Ordered that M^r Sherwood do call on Will Musty and give him a Month's Verbal Notice to quit.
M^r Sherwood reported that he had applied to M^r Ravenhill for payment of his rent due for part of Stonehouse Wharf.
Order'd that M^r Sherwood to take measures for distraining on the Timber now lying on the Wharf.
Order'd that the General Half Yearly Meeting of the Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation be held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge as usual on Thursday the 42th day of October next.
M^r Hyatt and M^r Cha^s Bosley attended regarding the charge of Tonnage on Goods brought up from Bristol and proposed the following Tonnage be paid:
To Eastington 9^d: Now 1/7
Ocean & Davis's Mill 9^d: 2/3
Stonehouse Cross 9: 2/4
Ryeford 1/3: 2/6
Ebley 1/9: 3/
Dudbridge 1/9: 3/2
Wallbridge 2/0: 3/6
A Complaint was made by Ja^s Nurse corroberated by Jn^o Burbidge Jun^r against M^r Hooper for neglect of duty.
Ordered that he be reprimanded and admonished that if a repetition of such conduct take place he will be dismissed the Company's service.
M^r Sherwood representing that W^m Organ is incompetent to fulfill his duty as a Carpenter,
Ordered that he be given Notice that his Service will be dispensed with on the 12th day of October next.
Ordered that the following bills be paid:
M^r Sherwood 1 Quarters Salary: £20
Jn^o Burbidge 2 mon: 10
Mess^rs Wathen & C^o Law Bill: 45..12..-
Rich^d Chew Smiths' work: 2..8..6
Fred^k Eycott for ½ years Gravel: 5..-..-
In one Cheque to Ja^s Sherwood:
Sam^l Crichley: 16^s..6^d
W^m Musty: ..10
Bushell: 1..2
Andrews: ..6
W^m Organ: 1..-
Bushell: 2..8
J Brewer: 3..6
Bishop: 3..4
D Hoskins: 15..4
H Howell: 1..8..8
Fred Nurse: ..8 Cheque Total £3..14..2
Total £86.14.8

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