Minutes Mon 21 Oct 1844

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Mon 21 Oct 1844


Mr Sherwood’s bond not properly executed. Mr Holbrow to get it executed by Mr Goulder, the surety.
Mr Watts inspected premises at Dudbridge. Repairs being done.
Notices to Samuel Evans and William Musty given. Musty wanted to take own time about removing from house. Solicitor to take proceeding to get possession of house.
William Daniels to be appointed lock keeper at the Double Lock in place of Musty.
Mr Sherwood to procure from Musty all tools belonging to Company.
Mr Sherwood had distrained on Mr Ravenhill’s timber and procured £5 12s 6d due.
William Organ had quit service of Company. Asked for compensation for attending to water and locks at Chippenham Platt. Paid £3 for services as lock keeper since May.
Tonnages on merchandise reduced to same amount as coals. Drawback of 8d per ton on all goods delivered at Eastington, the Ocean, Davies’s Mill, Stonehouse Cross, Ryeford and bona fide consigned to local parties.
2d per ton on coals entering canal at Framilode and carried up G&B Canal to Glocester.
Letter to be sent to directors of Forest of Dean Railway Co asking for reduction of tolls.
Mr Fred Nurse had railed in part of wharf at Dudbridge and would not allow coals to be landed in such enclosure. Mr Watts and Mr Fryer to meet Mr Sherwood and settle matter with Nurse.
Bill sent by Mr Mason’s son contains no report from Mr Wyatt as to its correctness.
Vessel sunk in Whitminster Level near Junction. Capt Clegram declined to draw water down to raise vessel. Letter to Capt Clegram calling attention to clause in Act of Parliament giving power to Stroud Canal Co. to draw such water.
Committee Room at Wallbridge to be painted.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday the 21st day of October 1844
Present: M^r G H A Beard, Will^m Fryer, Rich^d Martin, Dan Watts, Jn^o Holbrow Chairmand, Jn^o Gurney, Fred^k Eycott, W^m J Wood.
M^r Sherwood's Bond was produced but as it was not properly executed,
Ordered that M^r Holbrow do take the care of it and get it executed by M^r Goulder the Surety.
M^r Watts reported that he had inspected the premises at Dudbridge and the repairs were being done.
The different accounts of the Traders on the Canal were produced and inspected.
Reported that the Notices to Sam^l Adams and Will^m Mustry ordered at the last Meeting have been given but that Musty had given M^r Sherwood to understand that he should take his own time about removing from the house.
Ordered that our Solicitor do take the necessary proceedings to get possession of the House.
Ordered that Will^m Daniels be appointed Lockkeeper at the Double Lock in place of Musty discharged and that his Salary and residence be considered at the next Meeting of the Committee.
Ordered that M^r Sherwood do at once procure from Musty all the Tools which he has belonging to the Company.
M^r Sherwood reported that he had distrained on M^r Ravenhill's Timber and that he had procured £5..12..6. Ordered that M^r Sherwood do call on M^r Ravenhill and procure the reamainder now due £2.
M^r Sherwood reported that he had given Organ Notice to quit the service of the Company and that he had done so.
Will^m Organ attended and asked for compensation for having attended to the Water and the Locks at Chippenham Plat since he had left the house in May last.
Ordered that Will^m Organ be paid £3 for his Services as such Lockkeeper.
Ordered that the Tonnages on Merchandise carried on the Canal be reduced to the same amount as Coals are now charged and that a Drawback of eightpence per Ton be afterwards allowed on all goods delivered at Eastington, the Ocean, Davis's Mill, Stonehouse Cross and Ryeford and bona fide consigned to parties residing in the immediate vicinity of these respective places:
Place : Present charge : Reduced charge
Framilode : 1^d : 1^d
Saul Bridge : 2^d : 2^d
Junction : 3^d : 3^d
Walk Bridge : 5^d : 5^d
Bristol Road : 1/2 : 10^d
Easington & Chip Plat : 1/7 : 1/2
Bonds Mill : 2/ : 1/5
Ocean & Davies's Mill : 2/3 : 1/8
Stonehouse Cross : 2/4 : 1/9
Ryeford : 2/6 : 1/10
Ebley : 3/ : 2/2
Dudbridge : 3/2 : 2/4
Gas Works, Lodgemore & Wallbridge : 3/6 : 2/6
Stroud & Below Brimscombe : 2/3 : 1/3
That the above alteration shall be deemed to take pace on the 1st day of October Ins^t.
That a Drawback of Two pence per Ton be allowed upon all Coals entering the Canal at Framilode and carried up the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal to Gloucester. Such Drawback to commence at once.
That a letter sent to the Directors of the Forest of Dean Railway Company as to the reduction of Tolls on such railway.
That the letter now produced be sent to the Chairman of such Directors (see copy, Letter Book Oct 21st 1844 [[g-9-2-168-2]]).
M^r Hawker reported that M^r Fred^k Nurse had railed in part of the Wharf at Dudbridge and would not allow persons to land coals, etc, within such enclosure.
Ordered that M^r Watts and M^r Fryer be requested to meet M^r Sherwood and settle the matter with Nurse.
Ordered that M^r Mason be informed that as the Bill sent to the Committee from his Son does not contain any report from M^r Wyatt as to its correctness the Committee must request M^r Mason to send M^r Wyatts report.
M^r Sherwood reported that about a fortnight since a Vessel had been sunk in the Whitminster Level near the Junction and that he M^r Sherwood had sent to ask Capt Glegram to draw the Water down to raise the Vessel. That Capt Glegram had declined to do it.
Ordered that a letter be written to Cap Clegram calling his attention to the clause in the Act of Parliament giving the power to the Stroud Canal Company to draw out such Water (see Letter Book Oct 22 1844 [[g-9-2-172-2]]).
Ordered that our Solicitor be prepared with the several Bye Laws on the Subject mentioned by M^r Sherwood and have them ready to be submitted to the next General Half Yearly Meeting.
Ordered that the Window in the Office be opened.
Ordered that the Committee Room at the House at Wallbridge be painted.

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